Life-Study of 1 & 2 Thessalonians, by Witness Lee

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Instead of having an established heart, most Christians have a changeable, movable heart. We need a heart that is solidly established, not a heart that is changeable. According to our natural birth, however, our heart is changeable. The most changeable thing about us is our heart. For example, in the morning a brother may be very kind to his wife. But during breakfast he may become bothered by something and treat her in an unkind way. This is an illustration of the changeableness of our heart.

Our heart is changeable not only in relation to other people, but even in our relationship with the Lord. God is the unchanging One; He never changes. We are the ones who are changeable, and we are changeable in our heart. For this reason, Paul was concerned that the hearts of the new believers at Thessalonica would be set, built up, and established.

Verse 13 opens with the word “that.” The Greek word here actually means “in order that”; that is, it indicates an issue, a result, of the foregoing verses, especially verses 6 through 12. We need to read verses 6 through 13 as a complete section. Then we shall see that verse 13 is a conclusion of what Paul covers in this section. In these verses Paul’s concern is for the Thessalonians’ faith and love. His desire is that their faith would be perfected and that their love would increase and abound in order that the Lord may establish their hearts.

Our heart still needs to be established. This is true both of the young and of the old. I know the experiences of young people. I also know that young people are changeable. I can recall my experience as a young person many years ago. Young people are not steadfast. Now as an elderly man I can speak concerning those who are old. Old people are not more steadfast than young people. Actually, there is no one who, according to his natural, human life, is steadfast in his heart. As human beings, we all are changeable. Simply because we grow older does not mean that there is a basic change in our nature. For example, a piece of glass may be very fragile. After fifty years, the glass will still be fragile. Age will not make it any stronger. The same is true in human life. Both the old and the young are changeable in heart. Therefore, I urge you, especially those who are not so young, not to have any confidence in your heart. Because our heart changes so easily, it is not at all trustworthy.

In my ministry I have met thousands of people. Throughout the years I have seen the changeableness of the human heart. Time after time I have seen someone have a change of heart. Because our heart is changeable, a crucial need in our Christian life is the establishing of our heart.

Although we need our heart to be established, we are not able to do this ourselves. Only the Lord can establish our heart. Therefore, we need Him to cause our heart to be solidly established and built up.


We have seen that according to verse 13 the Lord seeks to establish our hearts blameless. Do you know why our heart is blamable, worthy of blame? Our heart is blamable because it is changeable. If your heart is set, built up, and established upon a solid foundation, it will then become blameless. An unchanging heart is a blameless heart.

Sometimes we criticize others for being changeable when we ourselves are also changeable. For example, a brother may tell his daughter not to trust in a particular young man because he is fickle and changeable. As parents we may speak this way in order to protect our children. Also, in order to care for new believers, we may warn them not to trust certain people who are changeable. But how about ourselves? Are we not changeable? I must confess that in the natural life I am changeable. Further, most of the changes I am referring to are negative. Years ago I recorded certain things in my diary, for instance, a record of how I had dealt with a particular matter thoroughly before the Lord. But years later I dare not read what I have written, for even after writing such a record I experienced some change.

We need to realize and admit that our heart is changeable. Therefore, we need to receive the mercy and grace from the Lord that we may give Him the permission to establish our heart. He is waiting for our permission before He works within us to do the establishing. When our heart has been established, it will become blameless.

(Life-Study of 1 & 2 Thessalonians, Chapter 20, by Witness Lee)