The Building Work of God, by Witness Lee

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We still have to address the twelve foundations of the wall. We already mentioned that when the twelve layers of the foundation are drawn in their sequence according to the colors of the precious stones, they have the appearance of a rainbow. The situation of the foundation is altogether the same as that of the rainbow surrounding the throne in Revelation 4. This rainbow is the sign of God’s covenant. Therefore, for God to be expressed in the rainbow tells us that God is the covenant-keeping God, the faithful God. That the foundations of the wall have the appearance of a rainbow also tells us that this city, which is built upon the faithfulness of God, can never be destroyed. Man cannot destroy it; even God Himself cannot destroy it. God has to keep the covenant signified by the rainbow. Therefore, this city is built upon a foundation that is eternally indestructible!


The Bible also says that on the foundations are the twelve names of the twelve apostles (Rev. 21:14). This indicates that the apostles are the foundations of this city. Therefore, today we have to read the biographies, the experiences of life, and the teachings of the apostles. We must take the apostles as the foundation. Whether in our personal life or in the services of the church, the wall, the boundary, cannot be according to our discernment or view. Neither can it be according to public opinion or the ideology of this age. It must be according to the lives and teachings of the apostles. They are the foundation of everything, a foundation which cannot be destroyed. Not only the enemy cannot destroy it; even the almighty God cannot destroy it.


Finally, the area of this city is twelve thousand stadia times twelve thousand stadia. The height of the wall is one hundred and forty-four cubits, which is also twelve times twelve. In the Bible twelve times twelve means the perfection of perfection, the fullness of fullness. Therefore, not only is this wall constituted with precious stones, not only does it have a foundation, and not only is it transparent, but it is also full. The Bible says that this is the measure of a man, that is, of an angel (v. 17). Man is earthly, and angels are heavenly. Therefore, this means that these people who were previously earthly now have a heavenly measure. May the Lord show us that this is His building and this is the work that He intends to carry out in the saints.

To summarize, the gates of the New Jerusalem are pearls, the street and the city proper are pure gold, the wall is jasper, and the foundations are twelve kinds of precious stones. This means that if you want to enter in through the gate to participate in this building, you need to contact the Lord who died and resurrected so that you may be regenerated to become a new creation and be mingled with God, thereby having His divine nature. Then you still need to remain in the nature of God and to live in the nature of God. Only then will you have a way to walk and the supply of life as well. Moreover, you will touch the presence of God, the throne of God, and also see the light of God. At the same time, because God is doing a work of pressure, a work of purification by fire, and a work of constituting within you, the wall of precious stones will be manifested in you. If all of us have been worked on by God, then we will be built together to become the building of God. In our midst will be God’s presence as the temple, God’s throne reigning, God’s life flowing as the supply, and God’s glory being expressed. This is God’s building. May the Lord have mercy on us so that the churches everywhere may manifest all these conditions of being built up!

(The Building Work of God, Chapter 9, by Witness Lee)