Being Apt to Teach and Holding the Mystery of the Faith, by Witness Lee


Next, we need to help the newly saved ones to be rooted in the reading of the Word. We need to lead the brothers and sisters to study the holy Scriptures properly. In particular, there are brothers and sisters among us who are students. For these ones we need to have a systematic, section by section reading of the Word of God, studying it as if we were studying a science. Many people have done extensive research regarding education and have made great achievements in scientific research, but their study of the Holy Bible is very poor. When they talk about the Bible, they are just like children drawing pictures that are missing this part and that part. To them it seems that Matthew and Mark are almost the same, Mark and Luke are almost the same, and Luke and John are also almost the same. Everything is muddled. You must realize that without a systematic study of the Holy Bible, no Christian can have a clear, fundamental understanding of the truth or make progress in the truth.

Only when a Christian has a clear understanding of the Word can he have real advancement in life. The young people in particular must realize that after the age of fifty, a person cannot learn so well. Those who have studied know that after a person passes the age of thirty, it is somewhat difficult to go back to school. Therefore, we have to properly lead people to read the holy Scriptures after they are saved. However, even many of us who have been saved for many years may not have spent enough effort on the Bible in a good way. This causes us grief and greatly concerns us. We must make a strong determination to spend more effort to study the Bible. Then we will be able to lead and help the newly saved ones to read the Bible also. We have to read Romans at least a hundred times, Ephesians at least a hundred and fifty times, and 1 Corinthians seventy times. We have to make a real effort to read the Lord’s word. This is the truth, the way, and the life.

The outpouring of the Holy Spirit has to be matched with the knowledge of the truth and of life. In order to grow real things in the church, we need to sow real seeds. If real seeds are sown, then the growth in the church will continue, even if the weather is dry. The real seeds are the truth and life. However, without the support of the holy Scriptures, the truth is empty, and without the support of the Holy Spirit, the truth is not practical. For this reason, God gave us the Holy Bible without and the Holy Spirit within. Therefore, we must properly know the Word and study it seriously. The clearer we are in our reading the better.


Besides helping the newly saved ones in their advancement in life and in their being rooted in the reading of the Word, we need to help them in the matter of gospel preaching. Immediately after someone is saved, we have to lead him to begin preaching the gospel. If possible, we need to bring him into the service in the church, perhaps even beginning with mopping the floor. I hope that none of us would take this matter lightly. If we lead the newly saved ones to advance in these three matters, then the church in our locality will be firmly established.

(Being Apt to Teach and Holding the Mystery of the Faith, Chapter 3, by Witness Lee)