The Church Life in the Lord's Recovery Today, by Witness Lee


Organic Preaching of the Gospel

In order to have the organic practice of the new way, we should have a great deal of exercise. If we desire to go out week by week to preach the gospel, we first need to decide on a time and ask someone to coordinate with us; then, when the time comes, we go out together. Doing this, however, does not mean that we are organic. Preaching the gospel is a good thing, but a good thing is not necessarily organic or filled with the Spirit. As gospel preachers, we need to pick up the burden to pray every day for our gospel contacts whose names we have listed. In our prayers, as we are moved and led by the Lord, we know to which one we should go that we may lead him to salvation. Then we should make an appointment with him and specifically pray for him, even with fasting. Meanwhile, we should find someone with whom to coordinate and pray. Then when the time comes, we are living, organic, and full of the Spirit. We do not act according to procedures or in a routine way. Instead, we go together with the same organic source and in the same move of the Spirit. When we see our contact, right away we may testify to him, saying, “The Lord is living. He is the Savior, who shed His blood on the cross for redemption. Anyone who repents and confesses his sins will receive forgiveness. Moreover, today the Lord as the life-giving Spirit desires to enter into anyone who believes and calls on Him that He may be his life and his everything. Therefore, you should open yourself and call on the Lord’s name to take Him in, just like you breathe fresh air.” As we lead him in this way to receive the Lord and be baptized, he is saved and becomes a person who has the divine life and the Holy Spirit. This is the organic gospel preaching.

Organic Nourishing and Perfecting

If our gospel preaching is organic, full of the Spirit and full of life, people will be saved organically and will be full of the Spirit and full of life. After this, we have to nourish the saved ones; this is also organic. This is not merely to do things in the proper order; rather, it is to do everything in an organic way, being full of the Spirit and full of life. From the time we lead someone to baptism, instead of forgetting him we should pray for him every day. We should love him and cherish him as an infant to whom we have given birth. Every time we contact him, we should be in the Spirit so that he senses that he has received the life supply. We should also instruct him to pray with his spirit and enjoy the Lord’s word. Not only so, we should bring him to the small group meetings, according to the organic operation of the Body of Christ, so that he can see how the saints are living and organic when they meet together.

Before leaving home, everyone who attends these meetings should begin to sing and pray. Spontaneously, we all go to the meeting singing and praying. The Christian meeting is based upon prayer and singing and is constituted with the word of God and the Spirit of God as its elements. This way of going to the meeting with singing and prayer is organic, full of life and the Spirit. In such an organic small group meeting, no one comes to attend a worship service, and no one comes to lead the meeting. Everyone who comes is living and full of organic function. Hence, such a meeting does not have any fixed program or procedure; we simply follow the organic operation and act according to the Holy Spirit. There is no rigid speaking according to a prior decision. Everything is not carried out in a proper order according to prescription and arrangement with programs and procedures; this is to have a worship service in the way of the denominations. Our condition in the past was like this to some extent. Such practices are a departure from the Bible and do not correspond to God’s New Testament economy. According to the Bible, Christian meetings are not mechanical but living, not organized but organic, full of the Spirit and full of life. Only this can enable people to be supplied, enlightened, and even the more, perfected.

(The Church Life in the Lord's Recovery Today, Chapter 4, by Witness Lee)