The Secret of Experiencing Christ, by Witness Lee


In our daily life we also need to care for the younger ones, sharing with them our experience of Christ and enjoyment of Him. The Christian life is a Body life, a life of mutuality. You take care of other members, and others take care of you. On the one hand, you receive the supply; on the other hand, you return it by taking care of others.


According to Ephesians and Colossians, we must also pray for all the saints (Eph. 6:18; Col. 4:2). Every member of the Body needs prayer. Do not think that a particular member is so strong that he does not need you to pray for him. Every member of the Body needs the prayers of the other members. You need me, and I need you. We all need to pray for all the saints. By functioning in the meetings, caring for the younger ones, and praying for all the saints, we shall release the riches of the Christ we have experienced to the other members in the Body.


Finally, the material supply we gain through the Lord’s blessing should also be shared with the Body. We should consider our income to be not only for our personal use and for our family, but also for the Body. In the book of Philippians Paul indicates that this sharing of material supply is for the furtherance of the gospel. As such, it is part of the fellowship of the gospel (1:5; 4:14-15) to use material things for the Body of Christ.

Our concern should be for the Body universally. I can testify that I am very burdened for the churches in Africa. In particular, the church in Accra, Ghana, is in desperate need of a meeting hall. There is no way for them to build a meeting hall themselves. Saints in other parts of the world should take up the burden to help them. This is not to raise funds for a Christian activity. Rather, it is to release to the Lord’s Body what we have received from Him both spiritually and materially. If we do this, we shall have a rich experience of Christ for the Body.

(The Secret of Experiencing Christ, Chapter 11, by Witness Lee)