Concerning the Lord's Recovery, by Witness Lee


This kind of deeper experience would then send you to the incense altar to join with Christ and to be one with Him in His commission to intercede for God’s economy. You would experience Christ’s heavenly intercession. This is not to pray for a good job or a good car or a bigger house. This is to intercede with Christ for God’s move on this earth.

We have to pass through all the things and to stay with Christ at the incense altar where we intercede with Christ and where we have Christ as the sweet incense burning unto God. This not only satisfies God but pleases God. At the offering altar in the outer court we satisfy God, but at the incense altar we please God. On the altar there is food, and on the incense altar there is the sweet smell of an incense ascending to God to please Him.


This is the contents of God’s expression. When this is the situation in the church life, the glory will overshadow and fill the church to make the church a glorious expression of the Triune God. In this expression the very Triune God makes Himself one with His chosen people. This expression is a mingling of divinity with humanity. The Triune God has been wrought into His redeemed people to make Himself one with His people and to make His people one with Him. With the boards of the tabernacle, the wood and the gold are joined together. The wood is overlaid by the gold. That means the wood gets into the gold. This shows us that the Triune God is mingled together with His redeemed people.

This expression is a mutual abode where God abides in His people, and His serving people abide in Him. This is like the Lord’s word in John 15:4 where He said, "Abide in Me and I in you." This is a kind of mingling. This mingling of divinity with humanity is God’s expression on this earth. Such an expression has been missed and neglected by today’s Christianity. Today the Lord is going to recover the real mingling of divinity with humanity so that God might have an expression on this earth.

(Concerning the Lord's Recovery, Chapter 3, by Witness Lee)