The Mending Ministry of John, by Witness Lee


In these first twelve chapters of John there are nine cases presented to us. These cases demonstrate that Christ is able to meet the need of anyone, from whatever segment of society he may come and however hopeless he seems.


The first case was of an upright, God-seeking man named Nicodemus (John 3:1-21). To such a good person the dear Lord said, “You must be born anew.” If such a refined person nonetheless needed regeneration, how much more do the evil ones! What is born of the divine Spirit is the human spirit (v. 6). By believing in this dear Christ, we are regenerated; this second birth, in our spirit, makes us children of God. Nicodemus, however good he was, was still a child of man. The same is true of us. We do not need to check whether we are good or bad. Even if we are the best, we still do not have God’s life until we are reborn.

How marvelous it is that we have two fathers! We have an earthly father, to whom we owe our physical life. But we have also a spiritual father, who is God! We are God’s children! What a status we have because of regeneration!

The Samaritan Woman

The second case was of an immoral, despised woman (John 4:6-42).

This woman of Samaria came to Jacob’s well to draw water. She had had five husbands and was now living with a sixth, who was not her husband. No doubt all who knew her looked down upon her. To such a one the Lord came. He understood her and met her need. Why had she tried so many husbands? It was because of a thirst within her which none of them had been able to satisfy. Every time she changed husbands, she had hope that her thirst would be quenched. After five futile attempts to satisfy her longing, she was now trying for the sixth time to get the satisfaction she craved.

Are we not the same? We try one thing after another, seeking satisfaction. After a little time we are disappointed and turn elsewhere. When our new effort is unrewarded, we “change husbands” again! Whatever we try of this world’s water, it leaves us empty and thirsty. Then the Lord Jesus comes to us. Because we are thirsty, He is thirsty too. “Give Me a drink,” He says. We are the water He needs for His thirst to be quenched!

What the Lord Jesus gave to the Samaritan woman was living water, a spring welling up into eternal life. With this water she was satisfied.

The Royal Official’s Son

The third case was of a boy who was about to die (John 4:46-54). His father, a royal official, went to see the Lord and asked Him to come and heal his son, who was at the point of death.

Do you realize that you are dying? Even if you are still young and feel very much alive, you are dying. The longer you live, the closer you are to dying.

But hallelujah! The Lord Jesus comes into the situation of death to deliver us. By His word, “Go, your son is living,” He healed the dying one.

(The Mending Ministry of John, Chapter 2, by Witness Lee)