The Basic Revelation in the Holy Scriptures, by Witness Lee


Finally, we shall be glorified in the divine life and divine nature (Rom. 8:30) to bear the glory of God for His expression in the New Jerusalem.


The book of Romans is a sketch of the proper Christian life. In chapter six are all the facts accomplished by Christ. He died, and we died in Him. He was resurrected, and so were we. In Christ these are facts. In Him we are joined to His death and resurrection (6:4-5).

In Romans 6, however, we do not have the experience of Christ’s death and resurrection. We need to go on to Romans X to experience Christ in His doings by the Spirit. In Romans 8 are the experiences of the facts revealed in chapter six.

Then in chapter ten the Word gets into our mouth and into our heart. First we believe the Word which reaches us; second, we call on His name (10:8-9). The Lord is rich to all who call on His name (In:12). The word call in Greek means to cry out. to call with a voice. In Acts the Christians were considered callers of Jesus’ name; we know this because Saul of Tarsus had authority to arrest all those who called on this name (Acts 9:14). Calling on the name of the Lord Jesus designated the early Christians;. They were not silent; they cried out the dear name of the Lord Jesus.

If we want to enjoy Christ and all His accomplishments, we need to call on Him. The way to enjoy Christ in all His doings is to walk according to the mingled spirit and to call on His dear name. Then we participate in Him, enjoy Him, and experience Him to the uttermost.

(The Basic Revelation in the Holy Scriptures, Chapter 4, by Witness Lee)