The Vision of God's Building, by Witness Lee


Our thirty-eighth point is simply that by the time of the New Jerusalem, God is everything to us. Through all the stages of God’s building, God finally becomes everything to us in the holy city.


The thirty-ninth point is that the name of God is written upon the foreheads of all His seeking ones. God’s name on our forehead signifies that we belong to God and, even more, that we are one with God. God’s name is our name, for we are one with Him. When a woman marries, she takes the name of her husband. She is called by his name. Hence, God’s name written on our forehead proves and even declares that we belong to God and that we are one with God. These points are exceedingly deep and meaningful.


The fortieth point concerning the holy city is that we will see God’s face. This is unspeakably wonderful! We will see His face day by day forever. Perhaps the best illustration is that of a little babe: nothing can satisfy a little child like its mother’s face. To him, that is everything. One day we shall see God’s face, in Him, in His presence, and with His name.


Our forty-first point is that in that city we shall serve God as priests. In eternity we will have nothing to do but serve God.


Our forty-second point is that we shall reign as kings over the nations. We will be the priests of God, and we will be the kings of the people. We will have a God to serve and a people to rule. Have you ever realized the status you will have in the New Jerusalem?


Our forty-third and final point is that the holy city will be the light of the nations. All the nations will walk in the light of the New Jerusalem, for this city will be the unique, universal lampstand. As the lampstand it will hold Christ as the lamp, with God in Christ as the light. God shines through Christ and through the city, and all the nations around will walk in the light of the city.

In conclusion, we must remember that this ultimate consummation of God’s building is a full picture of today’s church life. If we are such a miniature of the holy city, we will shine forth with God as the light. Then the unbelievers, the worldly people, will walk in our light. We will enlighten everyone around us. This is full of import. May we bring all these points to the Lord in prayer that we may fully realize what the church life is today, and that we may cooperate with God’s eternal intention.

O Lord Jesus, Thy redeemed ones
Are Thy Body and Thy Bride;
As Thy fulness, Thine expression,
In her Thou art glorified.
Thou, her all in all forever,
She Thy riches doth declare;
Thou dost fully saturate her
And Thy glory with her share.

Lo, the holy city,
Full of God’s bright glory!
It is God’s complete expression
In humanity.

God with man completely blended,
Mystery of godliness,
God in glory, full, resplendent,
Man, His dwelling, doth express.
’Tis a vessel universal
All God’s fullness to express;
All His beauty manifesting,
Mingled with His holiness.

’Tis a living composition
Of the saints He hath transformed;
As the pearls and stones most precious,
To His image they’re conformed.
From the throne of God, its center,
Flows the living water free;
Christ the tree of life doth flourish,
Bearing fruit abundantly.

’Tis th’ eternal golden lampstand,
Holding Christ, the lamp of light;
God in Christ, the light of glory,
In the Spirit shineth bright!
’Tis the ultimate expression—
Man in God and God in man;
’Tis their mutual habitation,
Goal of God’s eternal plan.

(Hymn #976 in Hymns)

(The Vision of God's Building, Chapter 19, by Witness Lee)