The Crucified Christ, by Witness Lee

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What is this law? Many saints among us have studied electricity. According to the laws of electricity two wires are required to transmit electricity—the supply wire and the return wire. Only when these two wires are connected can there be the transmission of electricity. If there is a supply wire but no return wire or a return wire but no supply wire, electricity cannot be transmitted. You may ask, “Why is there such a law?” I do not know. Even electricians may not be able to give you an adequate explanation. Nonetheless, they have discovered this fact that there must be return and supply wires for electricity to be transmitted. The things on earth are a reflection of the things in the heavens. The Spirit of God cannot be transmitted to the earth because a “return wire” is lacking—men on the earth who will cooperate with Him. Although God has no problems in the heavens, He has a problem on earth because He has not been able to gain a group of people on earth to cooperate with Him.

In Matthew the Lord taught us to pray, “Your will be done, as in heaven, so also on earth” (6:10). This indicates that there is no problem with God’s will being done in heaven, but there is a problem concerning God’s will being done on earth. God’s will encounters a big problem in man, yet hardly anyone realizes it. Therefore, very few pray, “O God! Please send me.” In a certain age and place there may be only one who is willing to answer God’s call. Yet as long as this one is willing to care for God, to work with God, to cooperate with God, and to bow his knees in prayer, this person will be an outlet for heaven. All the heavenly blessings, power, grace, and even God Himself will be transmitted to the earth through that person. Then the world will be able to receive God’s grace, obtain God’s blessing, and know God Himself through him.

Is this matter difficult or troublesome? To God this matter is not difficult or troublesome at all. The difficulties and troubles all lie with us. Our heart, our understanding, our answering, our receiving, and our prayer are all insufficient. Therefore, in words we can understand, God tells us that if we do not work together with Him, if we do not pray, and if we do not remind Him, He will rest. Do you understand the meaning of this? This means that He has a work to do, but He may not be able to do it. Whether or not He can do it depends on our willingness to pray and to remind Him. If we pray to Him and remind Him, He will work, but if we do not pray to Him or remind Him, He will not work.

Today the Lord has truly been merciful to us in granting us such a peaceful environment and people who are so hungry and thirsty for salvation. Yet those who have been saved are very few in number, the gospel has not been widely spread, and many places still do not have churches. Is it possible that the Lord is not willing to save people? Is it possible that He is not pleased to save them? If we know God and care for His heart’s intention, we will realize that God has been ready for a long time and has been waiting for man to answer His call. The “supply wire” is already there, but there is no “return wire” yet; therefore, there is no electricity or light in this place. What is this “return wire?” It is you and I. We have delayed many of God’s works and have failed to save many souls in time. If we would care for God more and pray more, more souls would be saved.

Today the salvation of God seems to be powerless, and the gospel does not seem to be the power of God because very few are being saved. Is this the fault or problem of heaven or of earth? Is the problem on God’s side or on our side? If we really know God, we will see that all the problems and hindrances are in you and me. If we do not care for God, look to God, work together with God, pray to God, or remind God, He will be unable to do anything. Why is this? This is because God can never do anything against His principle. If He cannot find a man and if there is no one who will work with Him, He will have no way to do His work on earth. Although He desires to work and is able to work, He has no ground to begin His work. Why? It is because there is no one cooperating with Him.


I hope that in the near future we all will be able to confirm the fact that if we are willing to answer God’s call, many people around us will be saved, and God’s grace will be transmitted to the earth through us. It is not too hard or troublesome to answer God’s call; it is merely a matter of our heart’s desire. If we have the desire to answer God’s call, from now on we should resolve to set aside some time to pray before the Lord every day. We need to pray again and again because unless we have adequate prayer, all that we have is mere doctrine. We have to meet God, touch God, and answer God’s call in order to meet His need in this age.

Now we will cover a few crucial items and the goal to which we all must pay attention. I hope that we all would keep these few points firmly in our mind, bringing them before God in prayer and reminding God day and night until we see God’s work become a praise on the earth.

(The Crucified Christ, Chapter 7, by Witness Lee)