The Glorious Vision and the Way of the Cross, by Witness Lee


How does God call us? He calls us by drawing us to Himself through opening Himself up to us. In some places in the world, there are night markets. The merchants there lay out their beautiful, bargain goods by bundles and cases before the customers. This gives people a strong impression. Many are attracted by these night markets and shop there. I hope that some among you will see God Himself in a similar way and will be captured by such a glorious vision.

I still remember the experience of the God of glory appearing to me for the first time. That was on the afternoon of the day I was saved. When I walked out of the meeting hall into the street, I felt that everything was different. I stopped by the road and prayed to God, “God! I don’t want anything else anymore. I only want Yourself.” This was the God of glory appearing to me. I hope that in principle, you would all have the same experience. Do not be like the Christian missionaries. They serve the Lord as a profession. I hope that every one serving the Lord in His recovery would have this glorious vision breaking and shining upon him at least once. This is not a matter of any outward seeing. Rather, it is a definite and glorious inward seeing.


After we have this glorious seeing, our entire being will be changed in its concept, attitude, conversation, and thought. We will be thoroughly different. Although we still eat, drink, rest, and work, our whole person will be changed. This is a response to our seeing a vision. Whenever we see a vision we have a response. For example, when you go to the zoo and see a fierce tiger, you will surely have a response. The vision that you see will make you beside yourself. Your concepts will be changed, and your walk and living will become uncommon.

I still remember the condition I was in when I was called immediately after I was saved. Others began to feel differently about me. Not only did outsiders feel differently about me, even my own family felt that I was different. They thought that I was depressed or that I did not sleep well. They observed that I began to lose interest in everything. Although all of you may not be the same as I was, I do believe that a good number of brothers and sisters have had a similar experience. Others notice that we are different. Perhaps the change does not occur the day we are saved. But three days later, or three months, perhaps even three years later, there is a thorough change. Sooner or later, the appearing of God and our spiritual vision will make us different from others. The world can never explain this. They cannot understand it, because they have never seen anything like it.

Furthermore, we know that after seeing such a vision, our whole life-style is changed. For example, formerly I may have loved the world very much, but now I gladly relinquish it. Money becomes tasteless. Fashion becomes tasteless, and amusement becomes tasteless. Everything becomes tasteless. But this is not all. The wonderful thing is that, on the positive side, the word of the Lord becomes tasteful, and God becomes attractive. Those who do not understand this may think that we have a mental problem, because our reaction is too different and too extraordinary! However, we know that there is nothing wrong with us. The only thing that happened is that our whole being has had an inward turn. From that day on, for us the world changed its color. It was a genuine change. This world has become absolutely tasteless to us. On the positive side, our life becomes full of meaning, glory, and purpose because of the Lord. This proves that we have seen the glorious vision.

When this God of glory unveils Himself to us, our lives are changed. This can neither be imitated nor denied. For a while, you may become somewhat cold, or weak, or may be slightly backslidden, or depressed. But you cannot forget the vision. Even if you go back to the world and desire for the world, the feeling within you will not be the same. You will sense no taste for it. God will raise up an environment to turn you back. He will unveil His glory to you again and will make you consecrate yourself back to this God of glory.

(The Glorious Vision and the Way of the Cross, Chapter 1, by Witness Lee)