A Young Man in God's Plan, by Witness Lee


One day I was brought to know the Lord. I do not understand why there was the inclination, the tendency, that I had to believe in Jesus. My countrymen told me that being a Christian would mean receiving a foreign religion, but I still had to receive Christ as my Savior. From that day, I tried many times to "divorce" Him, but He would not let me go. Something within me on the one hand, has been comforting me all the time, yet on the other hand, has been bothering and troubling. Many times when I wanted to do something, the Lord within me did not want to do it, so there was a struggle between us. Many things within my being were contradicting Him. By His mercy, I am still here loving Him. I have been preserved not by mere teachings, but by the living Christ within me.

We need to thank the Lord and praise Him that we have Christ within us. Under His sovereignty you have received Him. You cannot give Him up or divorce Him because He is in you. You could "kick against the goads" until the end of your life, but when that day comes, you will still say with tears, "Lord, forgive me." I have seen some cases like this. Once the Lord has visited you and has been merciful to you, you can never give Him up. You did not choose Him, but He chose you (John 15:16a). Your salvation is of Him, not of yourself. You may want to divorce Him, but He would not divorce you. The only thing you can do is to kick against the goads, but eventually you will recognize that He is the Lord and that you belong to Him. By that time, however, it may be too late—not too late for your salvation because you have been saved once for all for eternity—but too late for Him to work out something of His plan with you and through you.

It is better for you to make a decision today that you would go along with the Lord and allow Him to have the "freeway," the "expressway," to go on through you and with you. You have to offer yourself, to consecrate yourself, to give yourself to the Lord. You need to tell Him, "Lord, I am just a little creature in Your hands, and I know that You are the Lord. I thank You that You have dispensed Yourself into me as my life and that You desire to be everything to me. I want to hand myself over to You and go along with You for the carrying out of Your plan." If you do this, you will be the most blessed person on earth. You will be a part of God’s plan to reveal Christ in you that you might be conformed to His image to be a member of His Body with a view that in this whole universe God will have a universal man with Christ as the Head in the heavens and with His believers as the members formed together as a Body on this earth to express Christ and to glorify God. This is God’s plan with Christ as the center.

(A Young Man in God's Plan, Chapter 2, by Witness Lee)