Living In and With the Divine Trinity, by Witness Lee


Hebrews 2:3 and 4 also show us the Divine Trinity in His divine move. First, there is so great a salvation being spoken by the Lord [the Son]. Then God [God the Father] bears witness to the great salvation by signs and wonders and by various works of power and by distributions of the Holy Spirit. God’s full salvation, so great a salvation, is wrapped up with the Three of the Godhead. We may wonder why there are three in the Godhead and not one. If there were only one in the divine Godhead, there would be no beauty and no excellency. All the beauty, the excellency, the attributes, and the virtues found in the Godhead depend upon the divine Godhead being three yet one. Three yet one—here is the beauty; here is the excellency.

Likewise, in the corporate constitution of the Body of Christ, composed of millions of members, there is much beauty, excellency, and virtue. Millions of members have been composed together and constituted together to become members one of another. In this corporate constitution are many beauties, excellencies, virtues, and attributes. Eventually, all of these millions of members will be the constituents of the New Jerusalem, which will be the ultimate, corporate expression of the Triune God, full of beauty.

Suppose that in the church life there is a group of sisters and brothers who are serving and living in the reality of the Body of Christ. In their serving they are one and very harmonious. They are all humble. There is not one of them who is for himself, by himself, or to himself. In such a service in the Body, beauty and excellency are displayed. If there were thousands of saints on the earth living and serving in such a way, what beauty and excellency there would be! In the church life, in the Body life, in the new man, it is marvelous to see saints from every race and background meeting together in oneness. To have harmony in the church life requires humility and selflessness. The harmony in the church life is beautiful. This kind of beauty was first displayed in the Divine Trinity. The Divine Trinity took the lead to exhibit this kind of beauty in the universe. Among the Three, the Son took the lead to be so selfless, so humble, and so considerate of the others.

LUKE 15:3-32

In Luke 15 there are three parables: the parable of a good shepherd finding a lost sheep, the parable of a fine woman seeking her lost coin, and the parable of a loving father receiving back his prodigal son (vv. 3-32). These three parables in Luke 15 give us a full picture of the Divine Trinity in saving lost sinners. First there is the Son’s finding (vv. 4-7) as the good Shepherd. The Son came to find us by accomplishing His all-inclusive redemption. Then there is the Spirit’s seeking (vv. 8-10). The Spirit comes as the fine woman to do her seeking work. The Spirit enters into our heart to enlighten us, to search us, and to sweep away all the "dirt" in order to find us, to gain us. After being caught by the Spirit, we repent and come to ourselves. Then we make up our mind to come back to the Father, typified by the prodigal son coming back to his father. The father, who was waiting for the prodigal son’s return, saw his son and ran to him. He clothed him with the best robe, which typifies our Father clothing us with Christ as our righteousness. Then the father gave the command to kill the fattened calf for their enjoyment. This signifies the rich Christ (Eph. 3:8) killed on the cross for the believers’ enjoyment. Luke 15 presents a full picture of the Divine Trinity in saving sinners by His divine love. Again we can see a marvelous coordination among the Three of the Divine Trinity. These Three—typified by a shepherd, a woman, and a father—cooperate together as one person in saving sinners.

(Living In and With the Divine Trinity, Chapter 5, by Witness Lee)