Living Christ, by Witness Lee


The Lord Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life and may have it abundantly.” The Lord Jesus came to be eaten by us. But what a shame it is that there are many who read the Bible, many who listen to sermons, and many who give sermons, but there is none who eats the Lord Jesus! May I ask you, How much of the Lord have you eaten today? The tree of life is not for studying but for eating. Where is the tree of life today? It is the Spirit of life in your spirit.

Forty years ago, the newly married young men always liked to come and ask me, “Brother Lee, please tell me how to be a husband.” At that time this was the kind of question I liked the most. I immediately gave them at least five commandments and told them, “Take these back with you and do them accordingly!” In doing that I also was helping people to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. But today if you go to the United States and inquire of the young brothers and sisters, they will say, “If you have problems in your married life, don’t bother going to Brother Lee. He will not give you any method but will say to you, ‘Just eat the Lord Jesus, and that is good enough.’” Their word is true. Now I have no methods at all. This is not a joke. Simply eat the Lord Jesus. Dear brothers and sisters, no matter what question you bring to me, I can give you only one answer. There is only one way. There is no need for you to prepare to do anything. Simply say to the Lord, “Lord, You are in my spirit, and I am one spirit with You.” This is good enough; do not say anything more.

When I fellowshipped with the younger ones about this, someone would invariably ask, “Brother Lee, your way is very good. But suppose after I go home tonight, my husband loses his temper again with me, what shall I do? Can you tell me a good method to follow?” You see that by asking such a question, this one immediately turned to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I would say, “I just told you not to do anything, think anything, or suppose anything. You only need to tell the Lord, ‘O Lord, You are the all-inclusive life-giving Spirit, You are in my spirit, and I am one spirit with You. O Lord, this is my life.’ This is enough. You can go home in peace.” However, she would say, “Yes, it is good that I go home, but what if my husband loses his temper again?” I said, “I have spoken this much, but it has all been nullified by your question. Don’t ask any more questions; just go home in peace.” Why should she not ask further? Because all she needs to do is constantly live and walk according to the spirit, and that is sufficient. When she walks through the door into her house, her husband may ask, “Where have you been? Don’t you care about this home any more?” Now that trouble has come, what should she do? Let me tell you, she should not do anything but just tell the Lord, “O Lord, You are the Spirit of life. You are in my spirit, and I am one spirit with You.” Her husband may say, “Are you so spiritual? Is the Lord in your spirit but not in my spirit?” Then what should she do? She still should not do anything but again say to the Lord, “O Lord, You are the Spirit of life, You are in my spirit, and I am one spirit with You.” Her husband may say, “Are we going to eat or not?” She should neither say yes or no but turn to the Lord and say, “O Lord, You are the Spirit of life, and You are in my spirit.” I believe that this Spirit will lead her to cook, so she should cook. While she is cooking, she should praise the Lord, “You are the Spirit of life who lives in my spirit. Hallelujah!” This is to live and walk according to the Spirit.

You do not know how to honor your parents, how to be a good wife, how to love others, and how not to lose your temper. You do not know anything. The only thing you know is: “Lord, You are in my spirit, and I am one spirit with You.” Oh, this is glorious! Try it. You need to exercise and practice doing this. This is not religion, ethics, or the law, but Christ.

Today you need to know what is the Lord’s inward desire. The Lord’s inward desire is to live in you as your life and person. This is neither a superstitious belief nor an empty doctrine but a true fact. I believe that you have had this experience at times when your prayer went well, and you prayed yourself into the spirit. Oh, how good it was! When you pray yourself into the spirit, you forget heaven and earth; you forget everything except the Lord. This spirit of prayer should be the atmosphere of our normal life. We should not be in such an atmosphere only when we are praying; rather, we should bring this atmosphere into our living. In our entire living, we should be living in an atmosphere of prayer. The Bible says, “Unceasingly pray.” This unceasing prayer does not mean that you pray unceasingly for many daily affairs. Rather, it means that you breathe and enjoy the Lord so that there is an atmosphere between you and the Lord, an atmosphere in which the Lord is with you, and you are with the Lord. The Lord and you and you and the Lord have become one spirit; you simply live in this spirit. This is to live and walk according to the Spirit. If you are willing to do this, you will see that the element of the Lord will be added into you day by day, and you will be sanctified. When the element of the Lord is added into you, spontaneously you would not like to play or joke, neither would you want to buy so many items of expensive clothing. You are not restricted by any outward regulation. However, because the Lord’s element has increased in you, this increase of the Lord has completely transformed you from within. Henceforth, holiness will be there, and also victory will be there. Without trying to overcome, you spontaneously will overcome. This is because you are one spirit with the Lord, and as you live in the spirit you live and walk according to this spirit.

(Living Christ, Chapter 3, by Witness Lee)