Life-Study of Jeremiah and Lamentations, by Witness Lee

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We need to be deeply impressed with the fact that we must receive Christ first as the son of David and then as the son of Abraham. To receive Christ as the son of David is to recognize His kingly status and to realize that we should be under His kingship and sovereignty. He comes to us not merely as the Savior but as the King-Savior. If He is not the King to us, He cannot be our Savior. If we are not under His authority, His administration, we cannot be saved. Salvation comes to us under His administration, under His kingship. If we say, "O Lord Jesus, I take You as my King," we will be saved to the uttermost.

If we have Christ as the son of David, the greater Solomon, we will also have Him as the son of Abraham, the real Isaac. This means that if we have the kingdom, we will also have the blessing. This is the blessing of life, the blessing of the processed Triune God consummated as the all-inclusive Spirit. Many of us can testify that by receiving Christ as our King we enjoy the processed Triune God as our blessing. The more we are under the Lord’s ruling, the more we enjoy the Triune God as our blessing.

Matthew 28:19 speaks of the believers’ being baptized into the Triune God—into the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. This is the enjoyment of the Triune God. As the son of David and as the son of Abraham, Christ brings us into the Triune God. As long as we have the son of David and the son of Abraham, we have the Triune God, and we are in the Triune God. This is the divine blessing in the divine kingdom.

(Life-Study of Jeremiah and Lamentations, Chapter 20, by Witness Lee)