The Genuine Ground of Oneness, by Witness Lee

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For the children of Israel, the temple was the center of oneness. Hence, it was extremely serious for any of God’s people to be wrong with the temple. Those who were right with the temple and who thereby maintained the oneness enjoyed God’s presence, the blessing of life, and every other positive thing. But those who were wrong with the temple through divisiveness opened the door for all manner of evil. The same is true among Christians today. Many talk about holiness, victory, and spirituality. However, if we would have these virtues, we need to be in the proper oneness.

Consider again the experience of the children of Israel. Holiness, victory, and spirituality were not the result of their effort. These virtues were theirs simply because they were right with the temple, with the Holy of Holies, and with the ark. When they remained in the oneness by being right with the temple, there was no need for them to try to be holy, victorious, or spiritual. Spontaneously, as part of the blessing of being in the oneness, they had these virtues. The reason many Christians have no victory, holiness, or spirituality is that they are wrong with the church and with the ark, Christ, in the Holy of Holies. If we would be holy, spiritual, and victorious, we must be right with Christ and the church. In other words, we must remain in the proper oneness. It is the oneness that gives us access to all positive virtues and attributes.

When I was on the mainland of China, Brother Nee was the target for attack and opposition. Many of those who attacked and opposed him claimed that he, the churches, and the elders were wrong. When I first heard of such attack and opposition, I wondered about the situation. Perhaps Brother Nee, the elders, and the churches were wrong. Eventually, however, I learned that every opposer of Brother Nee or the churches or the elders was even more wrong. I noticed that everyone who attacked the Lord’s recovery underwent a spiritual decline. I do not know a single case of one who has opposed or attacked the church who has improved spiritually. On the contrary, they have damaged themselves, and their condition has gradually worsened.

The only thing that can preserve us spiritually is the oneness. If we remain in the oneness, all positive things are ours. But if we take the way of division, we shall be visited by all manner of evil things: hatred, jealousy, despising, and perhaps even such things as idolatry and fornication. Sooner or later, the divisive ones are carried away to "Babylon" as captives.

(The Genuine Ground of Oneness, Chapter 3, by Witness Lee)