Instruction and Exhortation to the Trainees, by Witness Lee


Last, you must strive together. To strive means to fight or struggle. You must strive together with the saints with your soul. To strive together in your spirit is easy. It is easy for you to be one with others in spirit. However, for you to be one with others in your soul, with a mind full of opinions, is difficult. You must strive together with your souls in the faith of the gospel (Phil. 1:27b). You must not strive together in other things such as in the interpretation of the Bible, but in the faith of the gospel. As long as you are one with others in the faith, that is good enough. Not only is it difficult to strive together to be in one accord in your soul concerning the interpretation of the Bible, but it is also wrong. You need to strive with others with one soul in the faith of the gospel.

You should endeavor to practice all of these twelve points. When you go to visit a place or stay there, the church situation will not be the same as the training. You do not need to preach, talk, advertise, or say anything about the training. You just need to meet with the church and be one with the church. You should be submissive to the leading ones, love all the saints, and learn to cooperate and coordinate with others. You should live a life that no one can criticize, a life of the gospel. You may talk to some brothers or sisters there and ask them whether or not their relatives are saved. You can then ask someone to arrange a time for you to go and see their cousin. In this way you will go and bring this one to the Lord. This is the way to preach the gospel. After two weeks you may see another one saved. Still later another one may be saved. Then you will have three new ones to take care of, cherish, and nourish so that they may grow. When you do this, other saints will see you. Some will follow you to do the same thing. At that time you can bring the new ones together into groups. This is the right way. When you go back, there is no need to promote the training but just to live a life. There is no need to tell people that you are trainees who have been trained for two terms. You should just go back. Those who will be staying and working in Orange County should also learn the same lesson. If all of the above points could be applied to your situation, it would save you a lot of trouble.

(Instruction and Exhortation to the Trainees, Chapter 3, by Witness Lee)