The Crucial Points of the Major Items of the Lord's Recovery, by Witness Lee


The Christ revealed in both the Old Testament and the New Testament is all-inclusive and all-extensive. Ephesians 1:23 says that Christ is the One who fills all in all, and 3:18 says that His dimensions are immeasurable, the dimensions of the universe. Christ is not only all-inclusive; He is also all-extensive. He is the God-man through the divine incarnation to be the embodiment of the Triune God (Col. 2:9) and the centrality and the universality of the eternal economy of God. Throughout all the ages of the past nineteen centuries, He has been missed, misunderstood, wrongly taught, and subtly twisted and interpreted by the heresiarchs (the founders of heresies), who include Cerinthus (see note 221 in 1 John 2 and note 91 in 2 John), the Gnostics (see note 142, paragraph 2, in John 1), and the Docetists (see note 31 in 1 John 4) in the first century, the Nestorians in the fifth century, the demonic Catholicism in the past thirteen centuries, the so-called higher critics in the past two and a half centuries, and the present modernists. All these denied different aspects of Christ’s person and work. The Cerinthians denied Christ’s divinity, and the Docetists denied Christ’s humanity. Others denied Christ’s redemptive death and His resurrection. According to their heresies, Christ is nothing. Although Protestantism teaches Christ fundamentally, their teaching concerning Christ is inadequate, full of defects, not perfect, and not complete. Under all the devastating heresies and the incomplete fundamentalism, the truth concerning the all-inclusive Christ of God needs a drastic recovery in many aspects. We need to see the all-inclusive Christ as the One who has the preeminence in all things, who fills all in all, who is the centrality and the universality of God’s economy, and who has been allotted to the saints as their redemption, life, life-supply, and everything. All these items are exceedingly crucial for all the believers in Christ to partake of for their enjoyment and to be constituted with so that they may become His organic members to live and express Him in this age and for eternity.


The term the consummated Spirit implies that the Spirit has been processed and thus has become the consummated Spirit. According to the revelation in the Old Testament and in the New Testament, the Spirit of God eventually became the consummated, all-inclusive, and compound Spirit. In this matter the negligence, ignorance, deficiency, misunderstanding, and misinterpretation on the part of Christian teachers has reached the climax.

Concerning the consummated Spirit, there are three major and crucial points. First, the Spirit of God has been compounded to become the compound ointment, as revealed in Exodus 30:23-25. Second, the Spirit was not yet before Jesus’ glorification in resurrection, as strongly referred to in John 7:39. Third, the Spirit is considered to be the seven Spirits of God to function as the seven lamps before the throne of God and the seven eyes of the Lamb, as particularly revealed in Revelation 1:4; 4:5; and 5:6. These three crucial points have been neglected by nearly all the students and teachers of the Bible.

(The Crucial Points of the Major Items of the Lord's Recovery, Chapter 1, by Witness Lee)