Crystallization-Study of the Complete Salvation of God in Romans, by Witness Lee


God’s organic salvation is fully revealed in the book of Romans. To carry out God’s organic salvation there is the need of two divine transfers and one spiritual union. The first transfer is out of Adam into Christ and is factual and positional (Rom. 6:3-8). The second transfer is out of the flesh into the Spirit of life and is practical and experiential (7:1-6; 8:16a). The flesh is the practical, experiential Adam. We are transferred out of the flesh into the Spirit, who is the practical and experiential Christ. The way to carry out our union with the Spirit is to set our mind not on the flesh but on the mingled spirit unto life and peace (8:6) and to learn to walk and to have our being not according to the flesh but according to the mingled spirit (v. 4). By ourselves in our flesh there is no possibility for us to fulfill the righteous requirements of the law. They can be fulfilled only by our walking and living according to the mingled spirit. The result of setting our mind on the mingled spirit and walking according to the mingled spirit is our reigning in life with grace over all things unto eternal life (5:17b, 21).

The two divine transfers cover four chapters of the book of Romans which may be regarded as the kernel of the New Testament. Chapter five may be entitled "In Adam"; chapter six, "In Christ"; chapter seven, "In the Flesh"; and chapter eight, "In the Spirit." The first transfer is objective, factual, and positional. The second is subjective, practical, and experiential.

In Adam we inherited the nature of Satan as sin, constituting us sinners in essence and element. We also inherited death, which on the one hand, made us passive, weak, and impotent with respect to the things of God, and on the other hand, reigned first in our spirit, then through our soul, and eventually over our body. Furthermore, in sin and death, we became subject to the condemnation of the righteous law of God. As believers, we have been baptized into Christ and also into His death, a death that took us out of Adam. In addition, we were regenerated at the time of Christ’s resurrection, and in that rebirth, through His resurrection, we were transferred into Christ.

God has made Christ righteousness to us (1 Cor. 1:30). Because of this, God considers us as righteous as Christ. In Christ we have righteousness as a gift, and we have been approved by God according to His standard of righteousness. In Christ we also have been given God as our life. What a wonder that God the Father and we have the same life! When we call God Father, we are expressing our organic relationship with Him in life.

According to Romans 5:18, justification is unto life. The goal of being justified is to have life and reign in life. We are saved in life to the extent that the life that saves us enthrones us as kings. Through righteousness and under grace we reign in life over everything. By being in Christ, we are justified unto life, that under grace and through righteousness we can be kings. What a glory to the Lord and what a shame to the enemy that people such as we can reign in life.

(Crystallization-Study of the Complete Salvation of God in Romans, Chapter 2, by Witness Lee)