The Intrinsic View of the Body of Christ, by Witness Lee


The church is also the issue of God the Son’s impartation of the divine element into God the Father’s chosen and predestinated people (Eph. 1:7-12). God the Son redeemed us through His blood (v. 7). If we had not been lost, we would not have needed to be redeemed. Before we were saved, we were in Adam, in the world, in sin, and in death. But Christ came, and He redeemed us out of Adam into Himself, out of the world into Himself, out of sin into Himself, and out of death into Himself. We are now in Him. In the New Testament there is such a big phrase—in Him. We all need to say, "Hallelujah for in Him." We need to realize where we are right now. We are in Christ, the second of the Divine Trinity, the Son of God who is the very embodiment of the Father. We have been redeemed by Him into Him.

How marvelous it is that we are in Christ! Christ has become our sphere, our realm, and our element. The Father’s nature and life are the substance, and the Son’s element is the content of the divine nature and life. In the human nature and in the human life, there is the human element. Now since we have the divine nature and the divine life, we have the divine element. In this element and with this element, God made us a new creation (2 Cor. 5:17). This new creation is a precious treasure to God.

We have been brought into Christ as our sphere and element that we may be made God’s inheritance with the divine element in Christ, as a treasure to God (Eph. 1:8-11). This treasure becomes God’s inheritance. If we were still in Adam, in the world, in sin, and in death, God would not take us as His inheritance. How could we be sinners, yet become God’s inheritance? We have become His inheritance by being put into Christ. In Christ and with Christ, we all have been created as a new creation, and this new creation is God’s possession. God’s possession is God’s inheritance.

God treasures us. In God’s eyes, we are no longer sinners. We are like a diamond to Him. God treasures us as His possession, His inheritance, in Christ. In Christ God can have all created things headed up into one (v. 10). Today we all have Christ, and we all are in Christ. Hallelujah, we are one! In the world there is no oneness. In the church, all the races are represented. We have people among us who are white, black, yellow, brown, and red, but all of us are one in Christ. We all are headed up into one in Christ. Since Christ has redeemed us into Himself as the element, He has imparted His element, the divine element, into our being. We have not only the divine nature and life but also the element of this nature and life. This is the impartation of God the Son in the second person of the Divine Trinity.

(The Intrinsic View of the Body of Christ, Chapter 1, by Witness Lee)