Crystallization-Study of the Epistle of James, by Witness Lee


A. The Factors of Which the Christian Perfection
Stressed by James Is Produced

Now we want to see the seven factors of which the Christian perfection stressed by James is brought forth, or produced.

1. All Good Giving and Every Perfect Gift

The first factor is the giving and gifts by God to His people (James 1:17a, 5).

2. The Begetting by God, the Father of Lights,
to Be the Firstfruits of His Creatures

The second factor is our being begotten by God, the Father of lights, to be the firstfruits of His creatures (James 1:17b-18). This is God’s regeneration.

3. The Word of Truth

Another factor of the Christian perfection which James stresses is the word of truth (1:18). Psalm 119 refers to the law as the word of truth (v. 43). The law is the word of God, and the word is the truth.

4. The Implanted Word

James also speaks of the implanted word (1:21). This is also a reference to the word of the law.

5. The Scripture

In 2:8 James speaks of the royal law according to the Scripture. I believe that James trusted in the Old Testament Scriptures very much. The Old Testament was a major factor of Christian perfection stressed by James.

6. The Indwelling Spirit of God

The top factor stressed by James is the indwelling Spirit of God (4:5).

(Crystallization-Study of the Epistle of James, Chapter 1, by Witness Lee)