The Revelation of the Mystery, by Witness Lee


These verses show us that the lampstand in Zechariah 4 signifies the Spirit. In the Old Testament two lampstands are mentioned. One of them was in the tabernacle and later in the temple. The lampstand in the Holy Place within the tabernacle was also a lampstand with seven lamps. In typology, that lampstand denotes Christ. However, in Zechariah 4 there is another lampstand, and that lampstand denotes the Spirit. The lampstand in the tabernacle denotes Christ, whereas the lampstand in Zechariah 4 denotes the Spirit. Since both lampstands are the same, why is it that one signifies Christ and the other signifies the Spirit? This is because the two are actually one. That which is in the Holy Place is Christ, and that which has come to the earth is the Spirit. The lampstand in the Holy Place is Christ, and the lampstand that came to the earth for the building of God is the Spirit. The one in heaven is Christ, and the one that has come to us is the Spirit. The two are one.

How do we know that the lampstand is both the Spirit and Christ? We know this because Zechariah 4 says that there is a lampstand with seven lamps, while chapter three says that there is a stone with seven eyes. The seven eyes on the stone are the seven lamps on the lampstand. Thus, the stone must be equal to the lampstand. This indicates that Christ, who took away our iniquities, became the life-giving Spirit (1 Cor. 15:45b). In Zechariah 3 He takes away our iniquities, and in chapter four He has become the life-giving Spirit. When He went to the heavens, He was Christ, and when He comes to us, He is the Spirit.


I have spent much time to show you that in the Lord’s recovery today we should be engaged in the church life all day long. Today we are opposed for living the church life. Some have even advised me not to speak about the church. However, the more they advise me not to speak, the louder I speak. This is my burden, and this is what I speak wherever I go. In the West they call me a troublemaker, one who causes trouble. They are right. I hope to cause trouble among all the Christians, troubling them until day and night they have no peace, until the pastors can no longer function as such, and until the system can no longer continue to exist.

Do not think that I am the first troublemaker. John the Baptist and the Lord Jesus were also troublemakers. In those days when the chief priests were burning incense in the temple, they were at peace with one another, and everything was calm and peaceful. When John the Baptist and the Lord Jesus came, everywhere they went they shouted, “Brood of vipers, repent!” Both John and the Lord Jesus were troublemakers. However, in reality they did not make trouble. Instead, they brought peace with them. When the Lord troubles you, you may feel bad at the time, but after the troubling, you will truly have peace. The church life is a peaceful life, a restful life. What God has in store for us is the rest of rests—the church life. We must enter into the church life that we may enter into such a rest.

We all need to see that Christ is not only a stone but also a lampstand. The seven lamps on the lampstand are the seven eyes on the stone. Both the seven eyes and the seven lamps signify the seven Spirits of God for transfusing and infusing the things of God into us and for shining Christ’s essence into us. He not only removes our sins but also transforms us from clay into stone. This is the work of the seven Spirits. I earnestly hope that all the brothers and sisters could see this matter of the redeeming stone being a lampstand. The redeeming stone has seven eyes, and the lampstand has seven lamps. The seven eyes observe us, and the seven lamps shine over us. These are the seven Spirits of God. The Spirit’s shining shines God into us, and His observing infuses Christ’s essence into us, transforming us into stones good for God’s building.

This is not an ethical teaching, a religious teaching, or a teaching from Christianity. This is the revelation in God’s Word. We all must see this. The stone rejected by men and judged by God on the cross is the lampstand today. His seven eyes are seven lamps. When He observes you, He shines upon you. This is the work of the seven Spirits of God today. Hence, in order to have the church life and the reality of the church, the seven Spirits are indispensable. “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches” (Rev. 2:7a). “The Spirit and the bride say, Come!” (22:17a).

Today in the Lord’s recovery we need to contact the seven Spirits for the Lord’s churches. When we contact the seven Spirits, we contact the stone, that is, we contact Christ, and we contact God, because the seven Spirits infuse God and Christ into us. We need to allow the seven Spirits to shine upon us and to observe us. When the Spirit comes, Christ comes. When the Spirit comes, God comes. When the Spirit comes, we become stones. When the Spirit comes, we become the building materials.

(The Revelation of the Mystery, Chapter 4, by Witness Lee)