The Lord's New Way and His Ministry Today, by Witness Lee


There is the need of a change in our view. We must drop the old Christianity practice, and pick up the new way. The new way is:

1. Going Out to Visit People by Knocking on Their Doors

We need to go to visit people by knocking on their doors. Within the past three months, seven hundred full-time trainees in Taipei have knocked on the doors of about one hundred fifty thousand homes in the city of Taipei, which has over five hundred thousand homes. Nearly one-third of the homes in Taipei have been visited. To knock on doors and get people to believe and be baptized within twenty minutes has really worked. Do not think that this only works in Taiwan. It also works in the United States. One brother told me that for twenty years he did not bring anyone to the Lord. But after he began to practice the door knocking in the new way, he baptized seventeen: eight during a short visit to Taiwan and nine in the United States. Another brother in the United States who had not brought anyone to the Lord in five years baptized fifteen by going out to knock on doors.

2. Knowing the Truth and Teaching the Truth to the New Converts in Their Homes

Then we all have to know the truth and teach the truth to the new converts in their homes. If we spend thirty minutes a day to study the Truth Lessons, within four years we will get ourselves so acquainted with all the main biblical truths. Then spontaneously we will be qualified to teach others in thousands of homes. Eventually thousands of homes will be set up for small group Christian meetings, and there will be the need of thousands of teachers in these home meetings.

3. Growing in Life to Minister Life

Then you need to grow in life, to experience Christ in a daily way that you could have an accumulation of the full experiences of Christ being life to you. Then spontaneously wherever you go, whatever home you go to, you have something to minister to them as life supply.

4. Having the Practice of the Church Life in the Homes

You also have to learn to know the church in a full way by having the practice of the church life in a practical way in the homes. This is not just the burden of a few elders. This has to be the burden of all the dear saints.

We must cooperate with the Lord to carry out these four things—knocking on people’s doors to get them to believe and be baptized, teaching them the truths, ministering life to them that they may grow in the measure of Christ, and helping them to practice the church life. Then the Lord will have something on this earth to prepare His bride for His coming back.

We have finished the study of the first step in Taiwan, that is, to knock on doors to get people to believe and be baptized. We will continue the training in Taipei for another four months to study these further steps: how to teach people the truth in their home meetings, how to minister life that they may grow in Christ in their home meetings, and even to bring their home meetings into the full practice of the church life. We know the Bible is full of truths, but it is not easy for us to teach others so many truths. We must find a way to teach them the truths that they may come into the full knowledge of the truth (1 Tim. 2:4). Then truth will produce life. The truth will become their life supply, and they will grow in life that they may have the full measure of Christ. Then they will be ready to be built up together as local expressions in their localities. This is our burden today, and we believe that this will prepare the way for the Lord to come back to take His bride. Pray for the perfection of these further steps.

I hope through this fellowship that all of us would receive a vision of the Lord’s move on this earth today. What has delayed the Lord from coming back thus far has been the practical degradation of today’s Christianity. The practice of today’s Christianity is the big factor that has delayed the Lord’s coming back. Where is the hope that the Lord could have a way to come back? The religious system of Christendom is a hopeless case. The Lord must have a people that would be willing to let Him have a free way to get what He wants. We hope that we could be this people.

(The Lord's New Way and His Ministry Today, Chapter 1, by Witness Lee)