Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 1) Vol. 02: The Word of the Cross, by Watchman Nee


I. History

Gospel according to Matthew
Key Words—Jesus Christ Is King

1. Being introduced to His people1:1—4:11 
Jan. 11:1-17Genealogy
Jan. 2ch. 2Youth
Jan. 33:1-12Precursor
Jan. 44:1-11Being attacked
2. The gospel of the kingdom4:12—7:29 
 4:12-25Preaching and healing
Jan. 55:1-20A sevenfold speech
Jan. 65:21-48A sevenfold speech
Jan. 7ch. 6 A sevenfold speech
Jan. 8ch. 7A sevenfold speech
3. The initial impression made by His ministry8:1—9:34 
Jan. 98:1-17Works of healing
Jan. 108:18-34From evening to evening
Jan. 119:1-17From evening to evening
Jan. 129:18-34From evening to evening
4. The expansion of His ministry9:35—11:30 
Jan. 139:35—10:42Sending the twelve apostles to preach
Jan. 14ch. 11Works in Galilee
5. The King being rejected12:1—16:12 
Jan. 1512:1-21Split from the Pharisees
Jan. 1612:22-50Split from the Pharisees
Jan. 1713:1-30A sevenfold parable
Jan. 1813:31-52A sevenfold parable
 13:53-58Great works
Jan. 19ch. 14Great works
Jan. 20ch. 15Great works
Jan. 2116:1-12Great works
6. The way of the cross16:13—20:34 
 16:13-28The cross
Jan. 22ch. 17Glory
Jan. 2318:1-20The final lesson
Jan. 2418:21-35The final lesson
Jan. 2519:1-15Journey to Jerusalem
Jan. 2619:16-30Journey to Jerusalem
Jan. 2720:1-16Journey to Jerusalem
Jan. 2820:17-34Journey to Jerusalem
7. The week of suffering21:1—27:61 
Jan. 2921:1-17Entering Jerusalem for the last time
 21:18-22Works in the temple
Jan. 3021:23-46Works in the temple
Jan. 3122:1-22Works in the temple
Feb. 122:23-46Works in the temple
Feb. 223:1-22Works in the temple
Feb. 323:23-39Works in the temple
Feb. 424:1-28The final word
Feb. 524:29-51The final word
Feb. 625:1-30The final word
Feb. 725:31-46The final word
Feb. 826:1-16Anointed for burial
 26:17-30The last supper
Feb. 926:31-56The garden
Feb. 1026:57-75Being judged
Feb. 1127:1-26Being judged
Feb. 1227:27-61Crucified on the cross
8. The King’s victory27:62—28:20 
Feb. 1327:62—28:15The opened tomb
 28:16-20The King’s charge

(Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 1) Vol. 02: The Word of the Cross, Chapter 11, by Watchman Nee)