Elders' Training, Book 10: The Eldership and the God-Ordained Way (2), by Witness Lee

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The present turmoil among us can be considered a rebellion, a rebellion with a conspiracy. I have been quiet for more than two years. You have probably never heard me speak concerning this matter. On occasion I have expressed something related to this matter in the elders’ meetings, but not in a very clear way. Since the ones who initiated this rebellion have made it so obvious, even through the printed page, I feel that after such a long period of silence I should let you know some of the facts. But in this message I will say only a little bit in principle. For the details in full, see the book entitled The Fermentation of the Present Rebellion. It is published by Living Stream Ministry and is free of charge.

Instigated by the Evil One

Having thoroughly considered during the past two years the things that have happened in the rebellion, I came to the conclusion that this rebellion is the work of the devil, the evil one (Matt. 13:19), because nearly everything brought out by the rebellious ones was not logical or reasonable, and some of the ways by which they did things were inhuman.

Carried Out by the Perverted Ones

A rebellion such as the one we are encountering now in the Lord’s recovery is not only instigated by the evil spiritual source but also carried out through human instruments. In Paul’s charge to the elders from Ephesus in Acts 20:30, he warned them that from among themselves men would rise up to speak perverted things to draw away the disciples to be their followers. In the past nineteen centuries, Paul’s warning has been fulfilled repeatedly. I would say that the present rebellion among us is another fulfillment of Paul’s warning. Many words that have come out of those who are participating in this rebellion should be considered as "perverted things."

With the Winds of Teaching

A number of the teachings put out by the four leading ones in this rebellion, especially in the past three years, are truly winds of teaching (Eph. 4:14), such as the Lord Jesus building up the church by Himself directly (implying not through others), absolute autonomy in the local churches, no delegated authority, no spiritual father, and democracy instead of theocracy. These winds of teaching have damaged some of the dear saints in the Lord’s recovery, who need the help through the light of the proper teachings of the New Testament, which are the teachings of the apostles (Acts 2:42).

(Elders' Training, Book 10: The Eldership and the God-Ordained Way (2), Chapter 1, by Witness Lee)