Life-Study of 1 & 2 Kings, by Witness Lee

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In 11:17—12:21 we have an account of the reign of Joash (Jehoash) over Judah.

A. Jehoiada the High Priest
Making a Covenant between Jehovah
and the King and the People

Jehoiada the high priest made a covenant between Jehovah and the king and the people that they would be Jehovah’s people. He also made a covenant between the king and the people. Then all the people went to the house of Baal, broke it into pieces, shattered Baal’s altars and images to pieces, and slew the priest of Baal (11:17-18).

B. Joash Being Enthroned at the Age of Seven

At the age of seven, Joash was enthroned by the people with rejoicing (vv. 19-21). Since Joash was still a boy, he was greatly helped by the high priest.

C. Reigning for Forty Years in Jerusalem

Joash began to reign over Judah from the seventh year of Jehu and reigned for forty years in Jerusalem (12:1).

D. Doing What Was Right
in the Sight of Jehovah

Joash did what was right in the sight of Jehovah all the days in which Jehoiada the high priest instructed him. However, the high places were not removed, and the people still sacrificed and burned incense in the high places (vv. 2-3).

E. Repairing the House of God

Joash repaired the house of God with the offerings by the people under the management of the priests and the servants of the king, those who were faithful. But the money from the trespass offerings and the money from the sin offerings were for the priests (vv. 4-16).

F. Hazael King of Syria
Coming Up to Seize Jerusalem

Hazael king of Syria came up to seize Jerusalem. Joash king of Judah sent him all the things which had been sanctified by his fathers and by himself with all the gold in the treasuries of the house of Jehovah and the house of the king, and Hazael departed from Jerusalem (vv. 17-18).

(Life-Study of 1 & 2 Kings, Chapter 16, by Witness Lee)