Christ versus Religion, by Witness Lee

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Never think that the Book of Revelation is merely a book of prophecy. We have read Revelation 19:10 saying that "the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." I agree that Revelation is a book of prophecy, but you must not merely care for the prophecy and forget the Spirit. We would rather forget the prophecy and care for the Spirit. When you come to this book, don’t try to analyze and understand it. Just say Amen from your spirit to every word; then you will be endued with the spirit of prophecy. To be concerned with the prophecies is one thing; to care for the spirit of the prophecies is another.


The last chapter of this book says that the Lord is "the God of the spirits of the prophets" (22:6). God is the God of our spirits; He is not the God of our mind; He is not the God of our outward activities. Never get into your mind, never get into the teachings, never get into the doctrines. You can never meet God in all those realms—He is not there. God is in your spirit. God is the God of your spirit. You must be in your spirit to be with God and touch God. Today I am at a certain address in Los Angeles. If you go to San Francisco, you will miss me. If you go to any other street in Los Angeles, you will miss me. If you stand outside my house on the street corner, you will miss me. You must come to the door and enter my dwelling to be where I am. God is the God of the spirits of the prophets. We all need to turn to our spirit. This is why the Apostle John was in spirit.

Today is the age of the Book of Revelation. In this age the sevenfold, intensified Spirit of God is versus religion. Let us look to the Lord desperately that we all may be fully taken out of religion and religion fully taken out of us. May we only be the seven shining stars in the seven burning lampstands with the sevenfold, intensified Spirit. O Lord! Amen!

(Christ versus Religion, Chapter 13, by Witness Lee)