How to Know God's Will, by Watchman Nee


The same method may not be applicable to every person. David volunteered to fight against Goliath, and Saul gave him his armor. Yet it did not fit David. He could not walk, and he took it off (1 Sam. 17:32, 38-39). When I was in Shanghai once, I gave Brother Luk my coat. It was too small for him. He did not feel comfortable in the coat, and it did not fit him. The same coat, however, fit my body very well. We can only wear something that is made according to our size. Based on man’s different conditions, God has ordained different ways for man to know Him. With some the way is difficult and with others it is easy. But God has a way for every man to know His will. For this reason, we do not have to search for a way. All we have to do is consecrate ourselves to the Lord, deal with all the hindrances, and maintain a proper relationship with Him.


I have offended many brothers many times. When they ask me how one can know God’s will, I always answer by saying that I do not like such questions. What a blessing it would be if we could consecrate our all to the Lord for the knowledge of His will. What are we? Even though the earth, the solar system, and the universe are vast and immense, they can never be compared with the will of God! What a glorious thing that a sinner, a man of dust, can know His will! Once a man knows God’s will, he becomes higher than a mere creature. This is the goal of the New Testament. Those who do not know God’s will are not even qualified to be called a Christian; they are wasting His provisions. Those who do not know God’s will cannot do God’s work. If a servant does not know the will of his master, how can he be a servant? It is possible for an unbeliever to be ignorant of God’s will, but it is inexcusable for us to be ignorant of His will. A Christian must first be a friend of Christ—one who knows His will, before he can be a slave of Christ—one who serves Him. We have to ask ourselves, "Are we a friend of the Lord? Is there any barrier between us and the Lord, and do we know His will?" Only after we have become His friends can we be His servants to work for Him.

(How to Know God's Will, Chapter 1, by Watchman Nee)