Life-Study of 1 & 2 Samuel, by Witness Lee

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Chapter fourteen concludes with a chronicle of Saul (vv. 47-52).

A. Saul Taking the Kingdom over Israel
and Fighting against All His Enemies All Around

Saul took the kingdom over Israel and fought against all his enemies all around—Moab, Ammon, Edom, Zobah, and the Philistines (v. 47).

B. Striking Valiantly the Amalekites

Saul struck valiantly the Amalekites and delivered Israel from those who had plundered them (v. 48).

C. Saul’s Generations

In verses 49 through 51 we have a list of Saul’s generations: his grandfather Abiel; his father Kish; his uncle Ner; his cousin Abner (the captain of his army); his wife Ahinoam; his father-in-law Ahimaaz; his sons Jonathan, Ishvi, and Malchi-shua; and his daughters Merab and Michal.

D. There Being Severe War
against the Philistines All the Days of Saul

This chapter concludes by saying that there was severe war against the Philistines all the days of Saul and that Saul took any mighty man or any valiant man for himself (v. 52).

(Life-Study of 1 & 2 Samuel, Chapter 10, by Witness Lee)