Life-Study of 1 & 2 Samuel, by Witness Lee

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At the time of David, the divine revelation reached the point where God showed David what He wanted. God revealed to David that He could not be satisfied simply to have a man who was according to His heart. Rather, God indicated to David that He wants to build Himself into the man who is according to His heart and to make this man His building as His house. Then out from this house would issue a seed of humanity, yet this seed would become the Son of God. This involves the mingling of divinity with humanity, a mingling that eventually produces the church, the house of God.

In this mingling God and man, man and God, are blended together into one entity. This entity is God’s building, which is a mutual abode for God and man. This entity, possessing both the divine nature and the human nature, also is the wife of the redeeming Christ. This entity, the New Jerusalem, will remain forever and will be the centrality and universality of the new heaven and new earth. This is the entire and complete revelation of the Bible.

The Bible begins with the tree of life, the flowing river, the precious materials of gold, bdellium, and onyx stone, and a builded wife. At the end of the Bible, we see again the tree of life with the flow of the living water, three kinds of material—gold, pearls, and precious stones—and a builded wife, the New Jerusalem. The beginning of the Bible shows God’s goal, and the end shows God’s achievement and attainment. This is God’s goal, and both God and we are heading toward it. With this revelation as our "road map," we can know where we are and where we will be for eternity.

(Life-Study of 1 & 2 Samuel, Chapter 28, by Witness Lee)