Life-Study of Zechariah, by Witness Lee


We need to make a comparison between the three prophets, Isaiah, Daniel, and Zechariah, in two matters: in God’s economy toward His chosen people and in Christ for the people of His concern.

A. In God’s Economy toward His Chosen People

1. In Isaiah

Concerning God’s economy toward His chosen people, Isaiah reveals that all the nations are for God’s chosen people either positively or negatively. God’s real concern is for Israel, and all the nations are utilized by God for Israel’s benefit, both positively and negatively. For example, Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar was used in a negative way, whereas Medo-Persia under Cyrus was used in a positive way. Cyrus was chosen by God and was His delight. God regarded him as the shepherd of His people in their captivity.

2. In Daniel

In Daniel all the nations are sovereignly under God’s heavenly ruling for Israel to be God’s witness and testimony on earth. Satan used Nebuchadnezzar to destroy Judah and to carry the Jews into captivity in Babylon. Satan’s intention was to end God’s testimony on earth with all His witnesses. But he did not realize that among these captives God had four young overcomers. Whatever Satan would do, these overcomers had a way to counter it and annul it. They overcame the demonic diet, the devilish blinding, and the seduction of idol worship. All of Satan’s devices merely resulted in God’s testimony being strengthened and uplifted through His young overcomers. Eventually, the authority to govern the land of Babylon was in the hands of Daniel and his three companions.

3. In Zechariah

In Zechariah all the nations’ dealings with Israel are for Israel to experience Christ in their ignorance. God’s concern for Israel is seen in His dealings with all the nations.

(Life-Study of Zechariah, Chapter 1, by Witness Lee)