Life-Study of Zechariah, by Witness Lee


A. The Introductory Word

The first section of the book of Zechariah is the introductory word in 1:1-6.

B. The Visions of Consolation and Promise

The second section of Zechariah consists of the visions of consolation and promise (1:7—6:15). These visions include the vision of a man as the Angel of Jehovah riding on a red horse and standing among the myrtle trees in the bottoms of the valley (1:7-17); the vision of the four horns and the four craftsmen (1:18-21); the vision of a man with a measuring line in His hand (ch. 2); the vision of Joshua the high priest perfected, established, and strengthened by the Angel of Jehovah with Zerubbabel the governor of Judah (ch. 3); the vision of the lampstand of gold and two olive trees, one to its right and one to its left (ch. 4); the vision of the flying scroll (5:1-4); the vision of the ephah vessel (5:5-11); the vision of the four chariots (6:1-8); and the concluding word to confirm the eight visions by the crowning of Joshua as a type of Christ, who will build the temple of God and will hold two offices—the priesthood and the kingship—in peace on His throne (6:9-15).

C. The Advice to Israel
and the Desire of Jehovah to Restore Israel

The next section (chs. 7—8) consists of the advice to Israel to turn from the vanity of their ritualistic religion to the reality of a godly life, and the desire of Jehovah to restore Israel.

D. The Prophecies of Encouragement
Centered on Christ

The last section (chs. 9—14) covers the prophecies of encouragement centered on Christ. These prophecies include the prophecy concerning the nations around Judah in relation to Israel (ch. 9); the prophecy concerning the Lord’s loving visitation to Israel (ch. 10); the prophecy concerning the living of Israel under the oppression of the Roman Empire (ch. 11); and the prophecy concerning Israel’s destiny in the great war of Armageddon, in their household salvation, and in the millennium (chs. 12—14)

(Life-Study of Zechariah, Chapter 1, by Witness Lee)