The Central Line of the Divine Revelation, by Witness Lee

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God’s inheritance is the New Jerusalem, and eventually, we as the precious stones will be built together to become His inheritance. On the one hand, we do not like to be built together. Instead of meeting together, we may prefer to stay at home and be by ourselves. On the other hand, however, there is something within us causing us to feel that we cannot live by ourselves. We need to come together. In the divine life there is togetherness. To come together in the divine life is to be built up. As we remain in the church in our locality, we are unconsciously being built together. God’s sovereignty has put us together. Eventually, in the New Jerusalem we will recall with the brothers and sisters how God put us together in many situations. It is hard for me to go for three days without seeing a saint. I like to see the saints. Togetherness is an attribute of the divine life, and by this attribute we have the building up.

Through the building up, God will have a bride to match Him. The bride in Genesis 2 was a physical bride, but eventually, in the consummation of the building up of the New Jerusalem, the bride will be not only physical and human but also spiritual and divine. She will be a wonderful and marvelous bride. The bride will make herself ready (Rev. 19:7) in a physical, spiritual, divine, and human situation. This bride is a corporate person, yet all the components of this person are one. The Triune God, after being processed, has blended Himself with the tripartite, transformed men, causing them to all become one. This corporate person is the bride, and this bride is a mutual dwelling place of God and man. God dwells in man and man dwells in God. The New Jerusalem is the tabernacle of God (21:3), God’s abode, and God and the Lamb are the temple for us to dwell and serve in (v. 22). God is our dwelling, and we are His dwelling. This is God’s heart’s desire and God’s good pleasure. This is also God’s purpose according to the counsel of His will.

God’s counsel is His economy, and the economy of God is to dispense Himself into us. God’s breathing His breath into man was a dispensing, and our taking in God as the tree of life is also a dispensing. In this way God has dispensed Himself into our being. The elements of His being have been dispensed into our being step by step and day by day. God’s dispensing also includes transformation, conformation, and glorification. Eventually, God will be fully dispensed into us not only as our life and nature but also as our glory. Then we will all be one with Him, and He will be one with us. In this way we will become His bride as His counterpart.

What we have presented in this message concerning God’s creation of man in the view of His divine dispensing according to His divine economy is what God desires. This is God’s good pleasure, and this is our ministry, burden, and commission. We do not have any other burden besides this ministry of God’s economy with His divine dispensing into humanity. We must learn to receive God’s dispensing every day. He is dispensing Himself to us every moment and in every situation, even in the small things, for our renewal, transformation, and conformation. Eventually, we will be glorified. Then we will enjoy the consummation of His divine dispensing according to His divine economy.

(The Central Line of the Divine Revelation, Chapter 7, by Witness Lee)