Messages Given During the Resumption of Watchman Nee's Ministry (2 volume set), by Watchman Nee/Witness Lee

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Brother Lee: For many years, God’s blessings have been among us; they have never left us. God’s responsibility is still on our shoulders. We are not so-called "watching the sky from the well," looking at the outside from our small circles. We do believe that God’s blessing has not left us. Our responsibility on earth is not finished yet. I do not know how many burdens there are on our shoulders. Brothers, the population of our country occupies one-fourth of the population of the whole world. The most unreached continent in the whole world is Asia, and the most unreached land in Asia is China. The gospel is like a relay race. The Western brothers have sent the gospel to China. But because there was no outreach from China, there was no blessing. This is not God’s principle. At least the gospel has to spread throughout the whole of China. Today, we can stand on a lofty ground and say that God can do everything. But who will meet the need? If we are not faithful, God will cause a reaction. If we are not faithful this time, the blessing will come again. But when it does, there will be confusion. It is like a farmer directing water to his field; there must be the proper water ducts. Without the ducts and the ditches, the water will flow all over. If we are more faithful before the Lord and will dig a deeper channel, the water will flow better. God has put us in this place; it is a blessed place. Here we need two groups of people. One is the group that offer their time and bodies for the work of the gospel. The other is the group that offer their money for the gospel.

My words are for both groups of people. I speak to myself, and I speak to the brothers and sisters. In 1943, I went through a severe trial. For a few days, I was asking the Lord why my way was so difficult. Although I cannot say that there was a time when I had nothing to put on my stove, I did fall ill of tuberculosis. It was hard financially. It was hard circumstantially. I was tired in my body, and the Japanese were threatening me. At that time, God provided for me sixteen hundred U.S. dollars through a sister. But later, when I tried to escape, not one dollar was with me. I admit that I felt frustrated. For some time, financially I was at the end of the rope. I could not hold on any longer. I almost collapsed. I told the Lord that I would never admit that my way was wrong. If I were to die that way, so let it be. Yet I would never admit that my way was wrong.

One day, one co-worker came to see me, and he asked, "Should I go back to my job?" I was not weeping outside, but I was weeping inside. I said, "Between the two things, you have to consider what is God’s will; you have to consider if God has called you to be full-time and if He has given you the commission." When I said that, I was suppressing God’s feeling within me. I saw the difficult circumstances, and I could not bring myself to say what I should have said. That was why I told him to go back to his job.

I do not say that I have done a good work. In Chefoo, many people have asked me to help to train some young ones. I was not so strict with them. If I were to be stricter, I would have said, "The way is here before you. It is up to you to take it or not to take it." Everything will have its final reckoning before the Lord...We have to admit that God’s blessing is among us, and it has exceeded the financial limitations that we have put on Him.

From last year until today, we have been trying to buy some land. Because our requirements are too high, and the supply has not come up to the need, what we have received up until today, including what Brother Nee has come up with, is only enough to buy half of the proposed land. If we had three to four hundred gold bars in our hands, the new meeting hall would have been finished nine months ago. This matter is a big burden upon us. Now, brothers everywhere have handed themselves over. It may seem that if we go on this way, we will stir up trouble. But even if we are to stir up trouble, and even if we are to die for it, we have to strive on. In the summer, over one hundred brothers and sisters will have to be trained in Foochow. Every one of them needs three million dollars for support. How much money do we need here!

My co-workers, I admit that the way ahead is not easy. I admit that there will be sufferings. You brothers who are holding jobs should ask the Lord and inquire of Him. How should these problems be solved?


Brother Nee: I beg that all of you would take up the things that are in my hands. For you to go into business, there is no shame. But for me to go into business, there is the shame. But I will still say that the responsibility today is on your shoulders.

(Messages Given During the Resumption of Watchman Nee's Ministry (2 volume set), Chapter 56, by Watchman Nee/Witness Lee)