Messages Given During the Resumption of Watchman Nee's Ministry (2 volume set), by Watchman Nee/Witness Lee

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I know what I am speaking, and I know that this is the right way. If you ask me, "Brother Lee, what do you do when your children stir up your temper?" My answer is, "Don’t do anything." This does not mean that I do not know what to do. Nor does it mean that I just let the things go, ignoring them and overlooking them. Rather, it means that I have the grace within, and I let grace take over the responsibility. The life within will spontaneously react to the situation. God’s grace is my strength. I am afraid that after listening to my messages in these days, some brothers and sisters would think, "Brother Lee is telling us not to lose our temper. Lord! from today on, cause me not to lose my temper. Please help me." If you are such a Christian, you are indeed under a curse. You will not experience any blessing. All those who make resolutions by themselves have fallen from grace (Gal. 5:4). You are saved now, and God is within you. You can experience His blessing without struggling, striving, or making resolutions. In the end, you will be able to say, "By the grace of God I am what I am" (1 Cor. 15:10). Paul was able to overcome all trials gracefully and calmly because he was not the one who was responsible for the overcoming, but God was responsible for it.

To live in grace is like breathing. When a person does this, whatever temptation comes upon him will be calmly dealt with. In the end, such a one will live in God’s grace and will be full of God’s taste. When others touch such a one, they will touch God, for such a person is full of God.


When you encounter difficulties, you have to know God’s grace. You do not have to pray, because the Lord’s Word says, "My grace is sufficient for you" (2 Cor. 12:9). No wonder the prayer or blessing that comes at the end of each Epistle mentions God’s grace and His life. We must realize that God’s power and His grace are simply God Himself.


You have to learn to realize how powerful is the God within you. A Christian should be one who lives under such a condition. Ultimately, God will be mingled with you, and all the life, power, light, and every spiritual virtue will be here. May God open our eyes to see that God Himself is our grace, and may we enjoy everything in this grace.

(Messages Given During the Resumption of Watchman Nee's Ministry (2 volume set), Chapter 6, by Watchman Nee/Witness Lee)