The Exercise and Practice of the God-Ordained Way, by Witness Lee

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Suppose someone asks you what church you attend. Some may answer that we do not take a certain name, but we just meet according to the city. This kind of answer may be ambiguous and confusing to him. The best way to answer is to avoid all the various involvements. This kind of question is usually asked by a Christian. It is best to simply say that we are not denominational. We just meet in a simple way. After you have visited with him for some time, and it appears that he is a real seeker after the truth, you may be able to share more with him concerning the church.


With those who have a limited knowledge of spiritual matters, it is always good to center on the fact that God is real. Such a word calms all kinds of doubts and questions. It is hard for anyone to say that God is not real or to say that there is no God. Since God is real, we all have to consider what such a God has to do with us and what we have to do with Him. This kind of talk will lead others to realize that there are so many things in this universe which are far beyond our knowledge. Even medical doctors have to admit that there are many things about our human body which they do not understand. Another item we do not understand thoroughly is electricity. We do not have the capacity to know all these things. We do know that God is here. He is concerned with us, so we must be concerned with Him.


Someone was asked whether a terrible criminal who has committed all kinds of crimes and has become demon possessed can be saved. This kind of case provides a good opportunity for us to preach the good tidings, the gospel. In the New Testament, two criminals were crucified with the Lord Jesus. While the Lord was on the cross, one of these criminals was saved by Him. This is recorded in Luke 23. This is a strong proof that a criminal can be saved.

Regarding demon possession, we must learn not to be so demon conscious. Such thinking is a deceit of the enemy. Christians have to ignore the demons. Wherever we go, the demons will flee.


Learn to be freed from formality. Christians must be those who are always singing, praising, and rejoicing. When we are not rejoicing, our minds will be soaring, but the best way to consolidate our soaring minds is to sing. Then our minds will be concentrated, and the Lord will get the praise and the glory. How glorious if we come to all the meetings of the church in such a way!

If you drop your formality when you go to visit people, you will not go as a pastor, a missionary, or a Bible student. Rather, your going will be in a normal way as a regular human being. In this way, your going will be so nice and pleasant. You must forget about your status. Do not try to behave. Just live. To behave yourself in an outward way is hypocrisy. Just be what you are. While you are going to knock on doors, you should be singing and rejoicing. Hymns, #717 is a good song for us to sing. The chorus of this hymn says:

Then rejoice evermore, rejoice evermore, It is better to sing than be sighing: It is better to live than be dying; So let us rejoice evermore.

Christians should be living creatures (Ezek. 1:5-25; Rev. 4:6-8).

(The Exercise and Practice of the God-Ordained Way, Chapter 14, by Witness Lee)