The Exercise and Practice of the God-Ordained Way, by Witness Lee

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In a recent campus meeting, though a new brother had received some help from the practice of calling on the name of the Lord, he asked how calling on the name of the Lord is different from the feeling one receives when repeating a motto such as, “Don’t quit” or “Never give up.”

Perhaps the best way to help this new brother is simply to encourage him never to quit calling on the name of the Lord, to encourage him to contact the Lord all day long. The best way to help the new believers is just to take their words and speak something definite and particular to them according to their need. In this case, you may say, “Brother, don’t quit contacting the Lord. Don’t quit remaining in the spirit. Don’t quit calling on the Lord. Don’t refrain from all of these positive things.” When we use their words and leave them with something positive, this can inspire them, impress them, and keep them in the atmosphere, the spirit, of the fellowship in that meeting.


Some saints were meeting with a new believer who had recently quit his job. In caring for this new one, one of the brothers offered to help him write a resume in order to find a new job. The brother also felt that the new one needed some help concerning the matter of authority, but was unsure how to share this matter and remain in the realm of feeding a babe in Christ.

In this case, it would be better not to touch the problem of his employment. To help him do something about his employment would simply immerse him further in that problem. The brother caring for this new believer should stress the matter of contacting the Lord and turning to the spirit. Our work among people is in the spiritual realm. This brother should try to bring the new believer into the spiritual realm, into the experience of the Lord’s presence, and into His rich anointing.


A group of saints have been visiting a new couple for several weeks. The couple is very open to these saints, but they still remain unbaptized. They have asked very basic questions about such items as the human spirit, so the saints have just answered their questions. Upon their last visit, the couple asked the saints what the Lord required them to do as Christians. Knowing that they were still unbaptized, the saints brought them to John 3:5 concerning baptism. The couple responded that they were not ready and that they needed to learn more about the Bible first. At that time, the saints felt not to press them any further concerning baptism. But now they wonder what the next step should be in helping this family to go on with the Lord.

These saints have been a little too general in their care of these new believers, not having taken any definite steps to help them. When the couple asked what the Lord requires His believers to do, this was the golden time to baptize them. At this point, the saints could have presented Mark 16:16 which says, “He who believes and is baptized shall be saved.” Then they could have pointed out to them that this is a word out of the Lord’s mouth. They could have said, “This word in Mark 16:16 urges us to believe and be baptized. You have surely believed already and, therefore, you are saved. But you are still not baptized. Today you raised the question, ‘What does the Lord require Christians to do?’ After reading this verse, you should tell us what you should do.” At this juncture, they might say, “We have to be baptized.” In this way, the saints would have helped this couple to be baptized. We should not force people to do things, but to a certain extent, we should compel people to take the word of the Lord.

When we go to work in the home meetings, we should always have a definite purpose. The main purpose of the home meetings is to nourish the new believers, but each mother who nourishes her new baby does so with a definite goal. The kind of nourishment a mother uses depends upon the situation of the baby. To nourish the new believers without any purpose is to run the risk of damaging their spiritual health in the long run.

(The Exercise and Practice of the God-Ordained Way, Chapter 20, by Witness Lee)