Life Messages, Vol. 2 (#42-75), by Witness Lee

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What is it like to let the spirit be our central government? We shall find our thoughts restricted. We shall not dare to utter our opinion. Words will not come out of our mouth so lightly. Our pride will be smitten. We shall sense a restraint or a constraint in even the smallest things we do.

When you were out of the spirit, you felt free to live as you wanted. You may have hated others, told lies, or stolen. Your actions may have been wild. The Bible says of those who utterly disregarded their spirit, the part of their being closest to God, that “God gave them up” (Rom. 1:28). Those in this world who have turned away from God, God has let go. After you are saved, however, God would have you turn to your spirit. That is the place where He is, the place where He may be contacted. God wants to bring you under His strict control, in big things and in small, even in your words.


“O Lord, preserve me in the spirit.” It is here you enjoy the presence of God and are one with Him. Do not be concerned about your problems. Do not shed tears over them. Do not argue. Do not focus on your troubles. Whatever your situation, however provoking your circumstances, turn to your spirit.

If your wife aggravates you, do not be drawn out by her. The more you look at her, the angrier you will feel. The more you listen to her words, the more you will feel like exploding. Return to your spirit. Call upon the name of the Lord. Say, “Lord! Lord, save me! Preserve me in the spirit!” This is the secret of overcoming and of holiness.

May the Lord show us the importance of this spirit that He formed within man. It came from God as the breath of life and is very close to Him. By means of this organ we can contact Him, and God can search all the parts of our inner being. Let us make this spirit our home and stay there. By remaining here we shall meet God and enjoy Him.

(Life Messages, Vol. 2 (#42-75), Chapter 30, by Witness Lee)