Life Messages, Vol. 2 (#42-75), by Witness Lee

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These seven Spirits are also the seven eyes. Eyes speak of transfusion and transmission. As we look at someone, we infuse what we are into him. When we are in prayer, we sometimes sense the Lord’s eyes upon us. He is infusing us with Himself, changing what we are by adding His substance to us. After our time of prayer we are not the same as before. Not only has His light shined on us; He has also transfused His element into us. We have had an “injection” of the divine life. Day by day it increases and is added to.

Without your realizing it, you are being transformed. Not only is there gold within you; you are becoming pure gold. The gold is taking the form of the stature of Christ. Then when you meet together, you are a golden lampstand. The Holy Spirit is released and able to shine forth.


Now you can see why the seven Spirits are not only the ultimate expression of God but also the ultimate expression of the church. If a lamp has no light bulb, it has no ultimate expression. The lampstand’s ultimate expression is the bright shining of its seven lamps. The church in each locality can be such a lampstand, shining in the darkness, because all of you individually are being transformed. The element of gold is increasing in you, resulting in your expressing God Himself.

The golden lampstand is God Himself and also the church. This reality is accomplished by the seven Spirits, which are the Spirit. In the end the Spirit and the Bride become one entity. This is what the church is. This is the final objective toward which God is aiming. This is the work of the Spirit in us. By these seven Spirits, seven lamps, and seven eyes, all that God is will be shined into us. By this transfusion of Himself, we shall be metabolically changed to become the golden lampstand in reality.

(Life Messages, Vol. 2 (#42-75), Chapter 29, by Witness Lee)