Lesson Book, Level 4: Life—Knowing and Experiencing Life, by Witness Lee

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Since our God is a living God, He is a speaking God. He speaks all the time, because He has a lot to say. The more we are in spirit and are enriched with the Word of God, the more we want to speak. Actually, we need to speak at every time and in every place to every person. All the time we have is for us to speak Christ. From morning to evening, we can speak Christ and we should speak Christ. Every place is for speaking Christ. We are not restricted to the meeting hall. We can speak in the meetings as well as on the way to and from the meetings, at home, in school, on the way to and from school, in the parks, etc. Every place is our meeting and speaking place. We can and should speak to every person we see every day. Every person needs to hear the word of Christ. Speak to your parents as well as your brothers and sisters. Your speaking to them becomes a fellowship of the Triune God. You need to speak to your unbelieving friends so that they may receive the gospel of God. All the speaking will minister Christ as life to the hearers, will cause you to enjoy Him as life, and to grow in life.


[We all have to desperately endeavor to build up a habit of speaking in any meeting (1 Cor. 14:26, 4-5, 12, 31). We must be desperate to build up a habit to speak. This habit has to be built up universally in the Lord’s recovery. We do not have such a habit due to the background of Christianity, and our function has been killed because of this background. Many Chinese people do not speak English well because they did not have the habit of speaking English when they grew up, and they still do not have this habit. I did not pick up the habit of speaking English until I began to minister the word in the United States in 1962. It was hard for me to acquire this habit, but for my grandchildren it was easy because they grew up in an English-speaking environment. If we learn to build up a habit of speaking in any meeting, our children, the new ones, will spontaneously become speaking ones. The new ones will follow the trend and the atmosphere in the meeting. They will pick up the habit of speaking easily. We must endeavor to do this because it is not just for ourselves but for the benefit of the Lord’s recovery.]

You may say that you do not know what to say in the meetings. That is easy to overcome. You simply pray-read some verses every morning, and read or study the Bible every day. Write down what you see in the verses or what you enjoyed the most. You may write a few words, a sentence, or a short paragraph on what impressed you. On Saturday, you can write a composition according to the notes you wrote during the week. In the Lord’s day morning meeting, you will be prepared to speak with some rich content. Then you speak your composition with the spirit of faith boldly to the saints to minister life in the meeting. Never speak in a monotone without the exercise of the spirit. By speaking in the Holy Spirit this way, the church will be built up.

We, the children of God, must be like our Father, the speaking One. We should speak the word of Christ all the time, speaking everywhere and to everybody. Thus, we will experience life, grow in life, and dispense life to others. The end results will be the bearing of fruit and the building up of the church.


  1. Why did God create us with speaking organs? Are you using these organs according to God’s purpose?
  2. What are the three things that we need to do in order to speak the Word of God with authority and power?
  3. Write down the two elements that our speaking with the spirit of faith must dispense into others.
  4. Briefly summarize the elements we need to be filled with in order to speak forth the Lord.
  5. Our speaking in the spirit should be all-inclusive. Summarize the various kinds of speaking that are mentioned in this lesson.

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(Lesson Book, Level 4: Life—Knowing and Experiencing Life, Chapter 22, by Witness Lee)