Life-Study of Deuteronomy, by Witness Lee

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Concerning reviewing the past, there is a governing thought. When we review our past, we must carry out the review according to this governing thought.

A. Showing God’s Loving Heart
and Righteous Governmental Dealing

Our review of the past must be governed by the thought that God’s heart is loving and that His governmental dealing is righteous.

B. God’s Blessing Requiring
Man’s Obedience and Faithfulness

God’s blessing requires man’s obedience and faithfulness. Obedience and faithfulness are the two conditions that must be fulfilled if we are to be qualified to receive God’s blessing. Disobedience and unfaithfulness are obstacles to God’s blessing. If we want God’s blessing in our private life, daily life, family life, and church life, we must learn to be obedient and faithful.

C. Man’s Heart Turning Away
from God Resulting in Serious Tragedy

The turning away of man’s heart from God results in serious tragedy. To turn away from God and from His word, which is Christ, is to lose all the blessings and to suffer the curse.

These three points regarding God’s loving heart and righteous governmental dealing, man’s obedience and faithfulness, and the tragic result of man’s turning his heart away from God make up the governing thought of reviewing the past. This thought, which is found throughout the Bible and which is evident in the New Testament, should govern us whenever we intend to have a review of our condition.

(Life-Study of Deuteronomy, Chapter 3, by Witness Lee)