Life-Study of Deuteronomy, by Witness Lee

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In Deuteronomy the review of the past covers the journey from the mount of God to the entry of the holy land (1:2, 19). The mount of God, called Mount Horeb, is one of the many peaks of the mountain range of Sinai. Mount Horeb was the place where Moses stayed with God and received God’s speaking. In our experience today, Mount Horeb is the place where God speaks. Through God’s speaking at Mount Horeb, we are equipped with the vision concerning Christ and the church, we are built up as the priesthood, and we are formed into an army.

The journey of the children of Israel began from the mount of God. Beginning from Mount Horeb, they journeyed until they reached Kadesh-barnea, the entry of the good land.

A. Having Been Equipped
with the Knowledge of the Law

At Mount Horeb God equipped, or trained, the people with the knowledge of the law (Exo. 20—23). We may say that this equipping was a kind of orientation given to them by God.

B. Having Been Equipped
with the Revelation of the Tabernacle and the Ark

The children of Israel were also equipped with the revelation, the vision, of the tabernacle and the ark (Exo. 25—27). The ark is a type of Christ, and the tabernacle is a type of the church. If we would journey with God and fight for Him today, we must be equipped with the revelation concerning Christ and the church.

C. Having Participated in the Building Up
of God’s Dwelling Place on the Earth

After seeing the revelation concerning the tabernacle and the ark, the children of Israel participated in the building up of the tabernacle as God’s dwelling place on earth (Exo. 36—38). The situation is the same with us today. First we see the revelation concerning Christ and the church and then we participate in the present building up of God’s dwelling place on earth.

D. Having Been Built Up
as a Priesthood to Serve God

In addition to the building up of the tabernacle, there was the building up of the priesthood for the service of God (Exo. 28—30). The proper service of God can be rendered to Him only by the priesthood. From this we see that to serve God is not ordinary but extraordinary. This service is rendered by a group of trained people who serve God as priests in His dwelling place.

(Life-Study of Deuteronomy, Chapter 3, by Witness Lee)