One Body, One Spirit, and One New Man, by Witness Lee

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Brothers and sisters, in conclusion I would like to say that if you would like to be a top Christian, you must be a Christian in the churches of the Lord’s recovery. You must also learn to live in the Body and not ever be individualistic. Furthermore, you must also understand that the churches in the Lord’s recovery on the entire earth are just one new man. Never be individualistic, and never be divisive; instead, be in the one Body and in the one new man. Moreover, in everything and in every matter in your living you must also continuously follow what the Spirit within you is speaking to the churches. Simply put, you must follow the Spirit, live in the Body, and live in the new man. This is our way today. Whatever would cause you to be separated from the Body is heretical. Whatever would cause you not to live in the new man is also an error. Whatever is not spoken by the Spirit within you is conceived only in your own mind. We must see the one Body, the one Spirit, and the one new man. We all need to hear what the Spirit within us is speaking to the churches today.

Moreover, we should always live in the Body, never being individualistic. We should never separate from the Body or divide the Body. Instead, we should continuously live in the new man. By this way I believe there will be a ninety percent possibility that we can be overcomers. One Body and one new man and one Spirit. We should always listen to and follow the Spirit.

From now on there should not be doctrinal disputes among us, nor should there be arguments about insignificant matters or anything outward. We should all simply seek to arrive at the oneness of the faith, endeavoring to keep the oneness of the Spirit. We should listen to and follow the Spirit. We do not listen to mere objective doctrines; instead, we listen to what the subjective Spirit speaks within us. We should absolutely not be individualistic, divisive, or separated from that one new man. This is our way, and this is the Lord’s testimony. I believe that after this training, the Lord’s word will begin to operate in all the localities, and His light will shine brightly in every place. Our younger generation will aggressively develop these truths and bring all the children of God into the voice of the Spirit that they may live in the Body and have the living of the one new man together. In this way the Lord’s purpose will be accomplished and His heart’s desire will be satisfied. I believe that this will bring the Lord back.

(One Body, One Spirit, and One New Man, Chapter 10, by Witness Lee)