One Body, One Spirit, and One New Man, by Witness Lee

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When that happens, even though we all are many, when we speak, it will be with one mouth because we will all speak the same thing. You will not have to teach me something first, and also I will not have to tell you anything; yet we will speak the same thing.

A sister from Anaheim testified that when she first came to Los Angeles in 1969 and was invited to the brothers’ houses and sisters’ houses, they were speaking the same thing in all the different houses. She thought this was very strange. She wondered that maybe those who were in the one house had phoned beforehand those who were in the other house in order to know what to speak. Later she realized that that was not possible. The day will come when even the angels and the demons will be surprised that you in Africa are speaking exactly the same thing as those in Australia. Although we are many, our mouth is one.

Once when I spoke about having one heart and one mouth, I asked, “Whose is this mouth?” Someone said very softly, “It is your own.” You are wrong; your understanding is wrong. Having one heart and one mouth means that even though we are many and all are speaking, we all speak the same thing. Some say it in Spanish, some in Portuguese, some in Italian, some in English, some in French, some in the southern Fukien dialect, and some in the Shantung dialect. We all are speaking in many languages and with many accents, but we are speaking one thing. This is what it means to have one mouth.

If the Lord allows, I truly hope you all will go out to travel to Ghana, Brazil, Germany, and Italy to take a look; after seeing these localities, you will inwardly worship the Lord because you will see that in the entire earth there is one new man with one heart and one mouth speaking the same thing. Who taught them this? It is not a matter of their being taught, but a matter of their growth. This thing cannot be taught; rather, it comes from growth. I believe this is absolutely possible.

I do not know where the next international conference will be, but I do know that in that day the manifestation of the new man will be higher and more intensified. I definitely believe that the Lord’s word will not return to Him void and that His word will accomplish God’s heart’s desire on the earth. Since God has released this word in this training, He will definitely not allow this word to return to Him void. When you go back to your localities, you will certainly live in this word. How will you live? By holding to truth, to reality, in love and by growing up into Christ the Head in all things, that is, by taking Him as your person. The result, regardless of whether it is in Australia, Africa, America, Asia, or Europe, will be that without any planning in advance we will all speak the same thing and have the same expression. How glorious! This is the one new man!

(One Body, One Spirit, and One New Man, Chapter 7, by Witness Lee)