Lessons on Prayer, by Witness Lee

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As we touch the work of the life illumination on the positive side and pray accordingly, at a certain time we will surely become very restful within. Such rest cannot be explained by the mind. It is entirely something deep in the spirit. Many times, although we are disturbed and attacked in our mind and are miserable in our emotion, there is an unexplainable rest in the depth of our being. Rationally, the disturbance may be due to some environmental influence or Satan’s attack, but we need to believe only in the peace and rest in our depths. One thing is certain: if in accordance with the positive work of the life illumination in you, you speak forth all the burden, leading, words, and utterance which you have felt, then you will surely be full of rest within. Outwardly, you may be attacked and disturbed both mentally and emotionally. Learn to ignore it. Trust only in the inner peace, and thus rest yourself completely. Thus, experience will tell you that not only are you a restful man, but you are also one who is illuminated within. You are transparent, restful, and very shining. In addition, at this point you can discern the inner condition of whomever comes before you. This is a very wonderful thing because you are in the light. You can sense how much of him is shining and how much of him is not shining. This is man’s transparent condition resulting from the life illumination in prayer.

May such a picture in the tabernacle be clearly impressed upon us. As the fragrance ascends from the altar of incense, the light at the lampstand is always shining. These two perfectly match and blend with one another. Without exception, every time the fragrance goes up, the light is shining.

Brothers, if you learn the lessons of prayer to this extent, you will surely be shining within. When you pray, you will sense there is the fragrance ascending, and you will feel very restful and at ease. At the same time you will also be in the light and will feel transparently clear. Hence, we need to learn to live in the light so that we can truly be men of prayer.

Concerning the matter of prayer, many of God’s children today pay too much attention to receiving answers from their prayers and hope too much to have a living faith. I hope that henceforth we would not esteem these things too highly. Do not care too much whether or not your prayer is answered. Neither pay too much heed to so-called faith. But diligently learn to be illuminated by life. Learn to be enlightened within and dealt with until you prostrate yourself under the shining of the light. Learn also to pray before God in accordance with the positive work of the enlightenment. Pray until you feel at ease and restful within. Then just be at peace. That is good enough. Practice this and you will see that your prayer is acceptable to God, and that you are a peaceful, restful man as well as an illuminated one.

(Lessons on Prayer, Chapter 15, by Witness Lee)