Basic Training, by Witness Lee


Among today’s Christians there is one legality after another. All this legality results in division. The reason for this legality and division is that many have left the heavenly revelation. The Lord’s recovery is to bring us back to the heavenly revelation, to the heavenly formula. Because we have come back to the revelation, in the recovery there is no need for inferences, inventions, or discoveries. We do not need to guess about anything. Instead, we simply need to open our eyes to see the revelation. When we do this, we have the vision. We are not in a maze, but on a highway under a clear sky, and we are directed by the heavenly revelation.


In order to see this directing revelation, we need two things. First, we need eyes. Suppose the heavenly revelation is before us, but we do not have the eyes to see it. If this is the situation, nothing will happen. Thank the Lord that we have eyes. Second, we need light. If we are in darkness, we cannot see the heavenly revelation even if we have eyes. In such a case we would have the revelation, the unveiling, but not the vision. In order to have the vision we need the revelation, the eyes, and the light. Praise the Lord that we are not in religion, a maze, or darkness, but in a vision!


Consider the example of Saul of Tarsus. Although he was religious and very zealous for God, he was in the complex maze of Judaism. Judaism contains certain things that have been revealed by God, but the Judaizers have made issues out of them and have caused them to become legalities. Revelation is of God, but legality is always made by man. Because Judaism had become a legality, this legality had become a maze. Those who are in this legality have found themselves in a maze and lost. Often we get lost when we are driving a car, although we are confident that we are right. This was the case of Saul of Tarsus. Although he was lost, he thought he was right. One day on the way to Damascus, he was knocked down by the heavenly vision. From that time onward he was delivered from the religious maze, and he began to travel on the highway of the heavenly vision. Eventually, he could tell King Agrippa, “I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision” (Acts 26:19). This vision had become his directory, the controlling element of his walk on earth.


We need such a heavenly directory today. Today the whole human race and all of Christianity is a maze. All around us is a maze of inventions, discoveries, and philosophies. If we do not have the heavenly vision, it means that we are already lost. All the young people today are lost. They have nothing to direct their lives. They do not know where they are going or what kind of life they should have. Not only the young people, but people of all ages are lost in a maze of human inventions, discoveries, and religions. No one knows where he is going. However, we in the Lord’s recovery are not in a maze. I can boast in the Lord that I am not in a maze, but on the highway. I have a definite direction, I am under the heavenly directing, and I know where I am going. How about you?

The messages of this basic training are nothing other than the direction of the heavens. In message after message we shall see aspects of this directing revelation. Under the light of the heavenly vision, everything is clear. Nothing is covered, opaque, or veiled, but although everything has been unveiled, we still need the eyes and the light. When we have the revelation, the eyes, and the light, we can see everything. This is the Lord’s recovery. When you were in Christianity, were you clear about the vision? Please answer this question in a fair, sober, objective, and honest way. When you were in Christianity, were you in the vision with a clear sky and a definite direction, or were you in a maze not knowing where you were going? Here in the Lord’s recovery we are no longer in a maze; we are in the vision. We do not care for issues or legalities; we care only for the vision. Hallelujah, we have the assurance that we are not in a division, but in the vision!

(Basic Training, Chapter 2, by Witness Lee)