Basic Training, by Witness Lee


If we are in the vision, the Bible will no longer be closed to us. I can testify that in the Lord’s recovery the Bible is an open book, not simply a book of black and white letters. When we are in the vision and open up the Bible, something will be unveiled, shining, and enlightening. Many of us can testify that before we came into the Lord’s recovery, the Bible was a closed book. We read certain portions again and again and again without seeing anything in them. There was no light and no shining until we came into the Lord’s recovery and received a general view. Now when we come to the Bible, there is always something shining, enlightening, and speaking. To us, the Bible is a living book. If the Bible is living, shining, and speaking to you, it is a strong proof that you are in the vision. It indicates that you know what you are doing and where you are going. You are certain of your direction because the heavenly directory is in your hands. You not only have the Bible as a printed book, but the heavenly vision is shining upon you, enlightening you within, and even speaking deeply to your heart and spirit. As a result, nothing remains a mystery.

For us in the Lord’s recovery, nothing is a mystery. Rather, everything is unveiled; everything is a revelation. Before we came into the Lord’s recovery, nearly everything was veiled, but when we turned to the Lord’s recovery, the veil was removed. Now instead of being in a maze, we are in a vision. How glad I am to be in this vision! I am not in the maze of human history, religion, or denominations. I am in the Lord’s recovery with the vision. There is no veiling, but everything is unveiled. Therefore, everything is clear. We are under the clear sky, the heavenly light is shining, and we are on a highway following the heavenly direction. We do not have to wait to be in the New Jerusalem to have just one way, for in the Lord’s recovery today we have the one way. Thus, because we are in the recovery with the one way, the one life, the one river, the one tree, the one throne, and the one God, no one can get lost. Hallelujah, we are not in a maze, but in the vision! We are not in human history, but in the Lord’s recovery. We are not in religion, but in the church under the direction of the heavenly revelation. I believe that a great many of us can testify of this. Are you not in the revelation? Are you not in the vision? Are you not under a clear sky? Are you not following the direction of the heavenly revelation? We all can boldly proclaim, “Hallelujah, we are in the Lord’s recovery, and we are in the vision!” This is a strong confirmation that we know that we are on the right way, that we are not in a maze, and that we are in the heavenly vision.

(Basic Training, Chapter 2, by Witness Lee)