Basic Training, by Witness Lee


This brings us to the second mystery, the mystery of the universe. The entire universe is a mystery. Scientists and scholars have exhausted their mental ability to understand it. However, they still do not know the meaning of the universe. Praise the Lord that we have the understanding of this mystery!

We live not only on the earth but by the earth. If the earth did not produce so many things, including vegetable life and animal life, we would have no way to exist. Day by day we eat what is produced on the earth and by the earth. Have you ever realized that everything you eat comes from one source, and that this source is the earth? Actually, we ourselves are earthy (Gen. 2:7; 1 Cor. 15:47), for we were made of earth and with earth. Nothing is closer to us than the earth.

The earth needs the heavens. Without the sunshine and rain, everything on earth would die. Thus, God created both the heavens and the earth. However, do not make the mistake of thinking that the universe consists only of heaven and earth.

A number of years ago I read an article regarding the size of the universe published by an institute of astronomy. According to this article, two hundred forty million solar systems make one galaxy, and forty billion galaxies form the unique center of the universe. I believe that the throne of God is located in this unique center. Scientists refer to the present age as the space age, but what they are referring to is the comparatively small area of space in our solar system. When we think of space, we need to be aware of the vast amount of space involved in the two hundred forty million solar systems that form one galaxy and the forty billion galaxies that form the unique center. This is the universe.

Not only the universe as a whole but even our own solar system is a mystery. I read another article which said that the sun is 1,300,000 times larger than the earth and that the earth is forty-nine times bigger than the moon. We simply cannot understand such a mystery. Scientists do not know of any other planet capable of supporting life, for the other planets in our solar system have no air, no firmament. Since there is no air around these planets, how can there be life on them? Only on earth can we find human life.


Now we need to consider the mystery of man. According to the Bible, the meaning of the universe is man. When the Bible speaks of man, it always includes woman because woman is a part of man. Without woman, man is imperfect. The Bible reveals that the woman is the perfection and completion of man. In the first two chapters of Genesis, we are told of the creation of man. However, the Bible does not say that man and woman were created. For example, Genesis 1:26 does not say, “Let Us make man and woman.” No; it says, “Let Us make man.” As we all know, woman came into existence by being made from a part of man. Because woman is the completion and perfection of man, man and woman are one.

Man is truly a mystery. Do you understand yourself? Not even a doctor or psychiatrist can help you understand yourself fully. You are not a mere animal. You are a wonderful entity, even a mystery. Although man is so small, man is nonetheless the meaning of the universe. According to the Bible, the heaven is for the earth, and the earth is for man.

The Bible has hundreds of verses concerning man and presents a full description of him. The Bible has much to say about our ears and our tongue. It also speaks about our eyes, nose, and hands. Moreover, the Bible reveals the true condition of our heart. In fact, we have two hearts, a physical heart and a psychological heart. Although our physical heart may be healthy, our psychological heart is evil. It is incurably wicked (Jer. 17:9). No other book gives us such a complete picture of our mind, will, emotion, conscience, and soul. The Bible is a complete revelation of ourselves. If you want to know yourself, study the Bible, paying attention to what it says about every aspect of man. If an unbeliever would read the Bible in this way, considering only what it says about man, he would be saved. When he comes to Isaiah 6, he will see that he is a man of unclean lips living among a people of unclean lips, and thus he would repent.

The real picture of man is found in the Bible. A picture taken of us by a photographer is nice only in the outward appearance, but the Bible shows us how ugly and evil we are inwardly. Our eyes, ears, and nose are evil, and our heart is a dunghill. Beelzebul, the lord of the dunghill, is in our heart. In our heart is a host of evil flies ruled by the lord of the flies. Furthermore, our hands are evil; they are used again and again for stealing things. With your hands you may have stolen from your parents, from your school, or from your place of employment. You may have stolen pencils or stationery from your office. This reveals the kind of stealing hands you have.

None of us is an exception to the photograph of man presented in the Bible. By reading the Bible we come to realize how pitiful we are. We have no ground to be proud about anything. Our mind is a beehive of evil thoughts. Countless evil bees proceed out of our mind toward others, even toward the ones closest to us.

Praise the Lord that the Bible reveals not only the negative side of man but also the glorious side! The Bible says that we are the image of God. Although we are evil and corrupt, full of rotten thoughts, we nonetheless are the image of God. Moreover, we are God’s vessel to contain Him. Our ears can listen to God’s word, our eyes can behold His revelation, and our tongue can utter something for Him. Hallelujah, we are the image of God and the vessel of God! Our heart can think about God and our spirit can touch Him. This is the mystery of man.

God has not only transferred us but also transformed us. For example, He has transferred our ears from one realm to another. Then day by day the process of transformation continues. Although my ears may be ninety-five percent transformed, they are still not yet fully transformed. If they were, I would have been raptured already. It is the same with my tongue. Although my tongue speaks for God, at times bitter things still proceed from it. This indicates that I am not yet fully transformed.

(Basic Training, Chapter 1, by Witness Lee)