The Kingdom, by Witness Lee

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We have seen that the kingdom of God is simply another term for Christ. To seek the kingdom means to seek Christ. In the book of Philippians we do not have such a term as the kingdom, but we do find a synonymous term—Christ. To seek the kingdom first actually means to seek Christ first. Moreover, we should not seek Christ in a superficial or general way, but in the way of the kingdom life. What is the kingdom life? From the very beginning of the Bible we see that with God’s kingdom there are two aspects—image and dominion. God created man in His own image and gave man dominion over all things (Gen. 1:26-28). We have to see that image relates to the expression of God and dominion relates to the authority of God. In order for us to express God’s image, we need God’s authority. This is the kingdom. Christ is God’s kingdom. With Christ we have both the image of God and the authority of God. If we mean business with Christ, He will be our expression and authority. When we have Christ, we have the kingdom. If we seek Christ first, God will take care of our needs. It is not a matter of giving up things and losing things; it is a matter of taking up Christ. People may ask us why we do not practice certain things. The best answer is to tell them we do not have time for such things. We are fully occupied. Also, we do not have any room. We do not have the space for anything else. As far as time and space are concerned, we are fully occupied with Christ. This should be our attitude.

As children of the kingdom, we should be pure in all of our good deeds. Our attitude toward mammon, or riches, is that we do not serve it as we serve God, and that we do not put our trust in it. Our trust is in our Father. He takes care of our needs. We need to concern ourselves with His kingdom and His righteousness. Both the kingdom and the righteousness are Christ Himself in a very experiential way. By Christ we are right with God, and we are right with others according to God. We need to experience Christ as our practical righteousness in being right with God and right with others according to God. This is Christ expressed through us. Christ is the kingdom and Christ is righteousness. If we seek Christ as the kingdom and as righteousness, our Father in heaven will take care of our needs. Whatever we need will be added to us. This is marvelous! This is the reality of the kingdom life.

(The Kingdom, Chapter 33, by Witness Lee)