The Kingdom, by Witness Lee

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If we have such a character, we will surely exert an influence upon the world. The Lord Jesus said that we are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. The earth is rotten and corrupted, and the world is darkened. Today the earth is corrupted with a spiritual chemistry, so it needs to be salted. Salt will kill the corruption of the earth. The Lord will put us into this corrupted compound as the salt to kill the germs and corruption. The world, the human community, is full of darkness. We are here as the light of the world to enlighten the world and to rule out the darkness. However, we must have the proper kind of character which can constitute us as salt and light. Otherwise, we will be a part of the corrupted earth and the darkened world. We ourselves will be corruption and darkness rather than salt and light. We believe the Lord is going to make all the local churches full of salt and light.


After Matthew covers the character and the influence of the children of the kingdom, he covers the law of the children of the kingdom. The children of the kingdom are not under the written law, the law of Moses in the Old Testament, but under the restriction of the law of life. We know this because at the end of this section of the Lord’s discourse, He said that we are children of the Father. As children, we have the Father’s life. In verse 48 the Lord said that we should be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect. The only way for us to be perfect as the Father is perfect is to have the Father’s life. Otherwise, we can never be perfect as the Father is perfect. Most sons are like their fathers because they have their father’s life. In this section there is a contrast of comparison between living under the law of Moses and living under the law of life.

Surpassing Righteousness

The Lord Jesus said that if we would enter into the kingdom, we need to have the righteousness that surpasses the righteousness which the Pharisees had by the law of Moses. The law of Moses said that we should not kill people. But the law of the kingdom of the heavens says that we should be reconciled with others. To be reconciled with others and to be agreeable with others is higher than not killing. It surpasses not killing.

Inward Pureness

Inward pureness surpasses the law against committing adultery. To commit adultery is something outward, but the law of life requires an inward pureness. Moses’ law required a person not to commit adultery, but the law of life requires pureness in the heart. The inward standard of life is much higher than the outward standard of Moses. It surpasses the law of Moses.

(The Kingdom, Chapter 32, by Witness Lee)